Waiting for The Right Time Could Be Bullshit


Waiting for The Right Time Could Be Bullshit

There are a lot of people who claim to be waiting for the right time to take certain decisions. Maybe they want to start a business, further their education, get married, quit their jobs, have children contest for a political position and etcetera. There are many things they want to do, but they keep putting it off in the name of waiting for the right time.

Now, even while I understand that sometimes we have to wait for the most opportune moment to do certain stuff, I feel that this waiting in most cases is as a result of fear and a lack of preparation. Many people fear the unknown and things that are not even real. And this fear is what keeps them from making progress in their lives.

Waiting for the right time could be an excuse for us to keep lazing about and wasting our time. You ask a few people about why they haven’t attempted to do what their spirit tells them to do and they simply tell you that they are waiting for the right time or even God’s time. Most times you find out that some of these people do not have any concrete action plan while waiting. Somehow, they just expect the right time to come to them on a platter and miraculously everything turns out great.

This is what I’ve come to know: You are a co-creator of the right time for anything! If you plan yourself well and take focused action towards the achievement of what you want. You will be creating the right time with every preparatory step.  Because the right time is also when you are prepared to make things happen. It is dependent on how prepared and conscious you are.

The right time cannot come to you and you are not prepared to take advantage of it. It will no longer be the right time if opportunity hits you unprepared. When you are prepared and your golden opportunity comes, then it becomes the right time! So these two components of the right time must be etched into our consciousness while we claim to be waiting for the right time, else we will be waiting for nothing. The two components are: your human input (preparedness) and the opportunity input.

The both of them work together to create the right time and one cannot make up the right time without the other one. So we would be deceiving ourselves when we say we are waiting for the right time but we are not taking action to prepare ourselves for it. Your part to play greatly lies in how prepared you make yourself. Some opportunities are even hidden in your preparation. Maybe it’s in the process of preparing that the opportunity may come to you, which means that you won’t even meet that opportunity if you never started preparing.

None of us can really predict how or when opportunity will come to us. It can come from a series of random events and circumstances. But what will ultimately matter is how well you have prepared yourself to seize it.

Opportunity again is usually always around us, but most times we do not see it. Maybe as a result of inadequate preparation to recognize it or a focus not strong enough to see our opportunities where others may not be able to see it.

Part of your preparedness while waiting should be training yourself to recognize your opportunities once they show up. Opportunities are everywhere and it is usually our inability to recognize it when it appears that makes it look like there are no opportunities around. How you train yourself to see your opportunities is by first preparing yourself with the skills and learning from experts how they apply those skills to problem solving. That way you will train your mind to recognize similar problems in your environment or conversation with others and be able to offer your solution right away.

Whatever the problem is, there is always a path for you to prepare yourself and also be able to recognize your opportunities once they show up. But a lot depends on our preparedness which we have full control over.

Prepare yourself while waiting for the right time,

Train your mind to see your opportunities,

Seize them all and keep winning!

To your success,

Ike Nigel.O


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