Use Your Tool

Every one of us has been created with unique sets of tools in the form of talents. These tools are there for us to utilise them and become the best version of ourselves. The more you use your tools, the more tools you acquire.

Take for example a child who has been enrolled in school. He starts doing very well, using his brain as a tool to understand his subjects and pass his exams in flying colors. This earns him extra tools in the form of results and certificates which he can use to access other greater possibilities.

Or you can think about that child who wasn't privileged to complete his education. The child may be smart, but his parents were not able to continue catering for his fees. The child is forced to work with maybe his father or mother in business. There he learns about a passion for buying and selling. He picks that up as a tool and eventually turns out a big businessman and was finally able to complete his formal education.

You may think of another child who never had an opportunity to go to any school, born to indigent parents who were so poor, they could barely feed him. The child grows up in an atmosphere of hardship and gets to learn about life the hard way. However, while growing up, he discovered that he had the unique ability to make his friends or just about anyone in his community laugh out loud. He harnesses this tool and becomes a professional comedian in his locality, living comfortably and breaking out of the poverty chain with his earnings.

Imagine that young girl, who's fed up with school, discovers her passion for cooking and uses this tool to start up a small scale restaurant which grows beyond expectation and leads her to expand her cuisine business to a larger population accumulating lots of profit for her.

These are just random scenarios, but they are quite common to a number of people. We all have unique tools at our disposal, no matter who we think we are or where we have come from. Everyone has a tool. The difference between the successful people in life and the failures lies in how well these tools are identified and made use of.

There is something unique about you. It might not just be one thing, it could be many things, but whether it's one or many, at least something sets you apart. It may be the way you smile, the way you read, your style of writing, the way you solve puzzles, the way you cook, the way you sing, the way you dance or act and just about the way you do any other thing.

You must maximize and make use of the peculiarity or all those peculiarities you find in yourself. There is no single standard to judge everyone because we are all different and we are not meant for the same things. If you're not unique in reading and writing after trying too hard, there's no need to be bitter at yourself or become jealous of those who are exceptionally good at it, simply because: not being good at it means that you're good in some other fields. It's your duty to figure out that place which you're good in. Figure out other tools you can use.

The focus should be on building something out of nothing with ANY tools we can lay hands upon. The particular tool used don't matter. What matters is that you're building something with a tool. That's what counts. So, take an introspective look into your personal life today, ask yourself if you're using your tools. If the answer is no, pick any of your tools and start building something on it. If yes, keep it up!

Some people, like myself, are multi-talented and they find it difficult to select a particular tool for building. My advice to such people is this: You're lucky that you're multi-talented, it means that you have many possibilities to build and create what you want, instead of wasting time trying to figure out the best tool to use and develop yourself, simply pick on any of the tools and start building something with that particular one you picked, other tools at your disposal will find a way to play their roles in that building you've started with one particular tool.

 Anyone of your tools are okay. Building is the goal. If along the building, you feel like the tool you picked isn't good enough, feel free to switch tools and continue to build something. That's the key for multi-talented people who are pretty confused on which talents to develop. It's easier for people talented clearly in one thing.

Use your tools and just keep building something! 


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