Sunday, July 16, 2017

The Good Kind Of Selfishness

If we are all to tell ourselves the truth, we are all selfish beings. You may tend to disagree only because you've associated selfishness to connote something negative. But selfishness has positive sides to it.

We all have our own personal wants and desires.. We may want to go to heaven, come first in a competition; become richer, prettier or more knowledgeable than someone else. We may want to fall in love with a particular person rather than another etc.

All these are selfish interests and no matter how we want to deny that fact, it still stares us in the face that for every action we take, we do it for a purpose.

However, the actions we take to achieve our selfish interests is what determines if the selfishness involved is a good kind or a bad kind. When we use negative means to achieve our desires, the selfishness is a negative one.

When we use positive means acceptable to our conscience and fellow human beings to actualize our selfish interests, the selfishness is a good one.

Let us still be loving, kind and good people even as we intend to achieve our selfish interests. You don't have to hurt anyone, be wicked or heartless in pursuit of your desires. Because employing such means not only hurts other people, but hurts you as well in the long run when those you hurt will hurt you back as well.

Think about it.

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