Save Yourself!

Save Yourself

I saw a movie "The Martian" in which an astronaut was left behind by his crew members on Mars in space after an accident happened during a mission. His colleagues left him believing he was dead after an unexpected kinda storm hit them. He regained consciousness long after the other astronauts were headed back to earth.

Mark Watney, the guy left behind, was totally startled by what had befallen him. He was stuck on this lonely planet all by himself! Being dead would've been easier for Mark than the situation he had found himself. Of course he had to get his brains to really work if he was going to survive this ordeal.

He started with calculations, the amount of food, air(Oxygen) and water left on the space base was limited, and the time in which a next mission could be approved was unknown(it may not even happen). No communication to earth as communication masts were damaged during the accident. Really harsh reality poor Mark had to face.

No one knows Mark is alive. He had to find a way to reestablish communication with his guys on base and still keep himself alive until he successfully does that and however long it would take for them to come back for him. Of course no one could save Mark from this predicament. He either found a way to save himself or he dies.

Mark was able to hold on. He even started planting potatoes with his knowledge of botany in the space base. He was finally able to reestablish communication with a very old communication system which he intelligently repaired and operated.

He had a few bad days and all that. He grew lean and was dying at some point, but long story short, Mark Watney survived 2 years of loneliness on Mars before a rescue mission backed by NASA was able to get him back to earth safely.

Look, if you're still waiting for something to come and save you from a particular situation or challenges you've been facing rather than find a way to save yourself, you're really wasting valuable time.

Whatever problem you're facing which is holding you back, find a way to save yourself from it rather than wait and hope on anybody to save you from it.

There is a very good reason why we all face our unique and peculiar difficulties. These difficulties though they may seem negative always brings out the very best in us and increases our knowledge once we are able to successfully pull through it.

Therefore, it is important we learn to save ourselves from our problems by consciously doing something about it. Other people are facing their own problems as well, they have much to deal with in their own lives and they hardly have time to start attempting to come and save you.

We save ourselves by approaching our challenges intelligently, changing our patterns of thought about it and doing what we can. There is always something you can do about your situation, no matter how vague or insignificant.

No saviour is coming to save you. You must seriously and relentlessly try to save yourself. It might be easy, it might not be easy. You might be able to save yourself pretty soon,  you may not be anytime soon, but either ways, you are on the right track once you're always trying.

Keep winning! 


  1. I must agree with your statement that we save ourselves by approaching our challenges intelligently, changing our patterns of thought about it and doing what we can.

  2. Thank you for commenting. Nice to get feedback from you.

  3. I agree that you are on your own. If you don't help yourself, why would anyone contemplate the very idea?


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