Expressing Gratitude to All Bold Winners

Dear Reader,

Today's post isn't about trying to motivate or inspire. Instead, it's about expressing gratitude to you for visiting this blog and reading some of the things I share here.

I don't consider myself the best writer in the world or someone whose articles are worth reading in a world where it seems like no one really gives a darn about content like this. But the fact that you are here and consider this blog worth reading means a lot to me, and I appreciate your presence here.

Last month, this blog recorded the highest number of views in 12 months since I started sharing ideas here in 2016. We had 15,905 views in June! We now have over 653,000 views globally. Here's the map:

It means a lot to me and tells me that even though I may not know thousands of you personally, and even though most of you do not comment on these articles, many of you care about what is written here and many of you here also share these articles with friends and family from all over the world.

I am delighted, and I will keep on doing my best to share what I can here, whenever I can.

Anyone who feels like sharing something or reaching out with an interesting idea we can work on together should feel free to contact me via the contact form on this blog, and I will reply so we can discuss it.

That's all I have for this week. Just thanks in my heart for all of you.

My sincere desire for the second half of this year is for you to stay positive, stay focused on what is important, never let anything steal your joy and happiness, and just keep on winning!

We are all here to win, and by win, I don't mean to compete or stress to be anything. By winning, I mean to feel good, enjoy ourselves, love, and make the most out of our existence.

Just keep winning!



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