The Power of a Calm and Relaxed Approach

Calm and relaxed approach

Many people tackle their daily tasks with a burdened mind, driven by the notion that constant action equates to productivity. This mindset often stems from a sense of desperation, where inactivity is mistaken for laziness. The result? A frenetic pace of doing for the sake of doing, without giving thought to the quality or purpose of the actions.

In this state, you might find yourself caught in a cycle of busyness, mistaking mere activity for meaningful progress. But it's possible to be very busy doing nothing of real value. When our minds are conditioned to prioritize relentless action, we miss out on the benefits of thoughtful deliberation. We're so consumed with "doing mode" that we neglect the calm, reflective side of ourselves.

However, the highest quality work comes from a place of calm and careful consideration. When we approach tasks without the weight of pressure, we tap into a powerful state of relaxed focus. This doesn't mean shirking responsibilities or avoiding effort; rather, it involves a strategic and mindful approach to our actions.

Taking time to relax and create space for mental decompression is not laziness. It is a necessary process for recalibrating our minds and reconnecting with our most effective, thoughtful selves. By allowing ourselves this time, we enhance our ability to produce high-quality results.

Incorporating moments of relaxation and calm into our routines can significantly improve our productivity and well-being. Instead of constantly pushing ourselves to do more, we should embrace the power that comes from a balanced, relaxed approach to our work.

Take action from a calm state and keep winning!



  1. And when I am captured by the anxiety to stay in motion, I limit myself to free time for myself (gym, book, do nothing) which results in more anxiety, and it is a vicious cycle that requires much discipline to break and maintain broken. This is one of my biggest struggles

    1. Hi Raman,

      Thank you for your comment. I totally understand what you are saying, and even though it requires a lot of discipline to break that cycle, it is very possible and starts gradually. You need to first become aware of when the mind is in that autopilot mode and be able to catch it. With practice and consistency, you will get a feel for when you are in that mode. Then, as you are able to catch your mind doing this, you will make plans and set schedules for regular times when you just allow your mind to rest and do nothing; just focus on relaxation.

      Initially, this will be challenging because you are used to always doing something as your mind urges you on, but with repeated practice, you will learn to relax and be able to feel relaxed. From there, you will learn to work excellently well as inspired by that calm state of mind which comes from relaxation. With practice, you can achieve this in a few months or less.

      By the way, thanks for pointing out the error with my subscribe button. I have fixed it.


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