The Article That Was Not Meant to Be Written

the article not meant to be written

Interesting title, right? Well, yes, this article was not meant to be written. I made a commitment to try to write one article per week this year, and last week I missed one. So, I said this week I will have to write two: one to cover for the one I missed and another to keep up with the commitment.

So, this particular article was not meant to be written today, and hence the title. :)

As a matter of fact, I have nothing in mind to write about really. I was just inspired to start writing whatever comes to my mind as I write, just for the sake of making up for last week.

It is kind of strange, you know, writing down things when you were not inspired to write anything. Last week was busy for me as well, but not so busy that I couldn't make out time to write just one article, like I am doing now.

I think I was expecting that I needed to be inspired to write before I start writing something, but this article I am writing now is proof that although inspiration is important, you can still write something even when you are not inspired.

So what I am doing now should have been what I did last week when I was waiting for something to inspire me to write.

As I get to this point in my writing, I just realized and got that inspiration this second at 9:31. What surprises me right now as I write this is that I feel that inspiration that I was waiting for last week just right this second. 

It has taught me something... my intention starting this article was to just write anything as it comes to mind. I was not inspired to write anything when I started, I only intended to explain that I will write two articles this week instead of one.

What just happened in the last two paragraphs as I wrote is that the inspiration I was waiting for hit me as I was writing this article. As a matter of fact, writing an article that should not have been written brought inspiration to me.

Here is the inspiration that just hit me right now: You do not need to wait to be inspired or motivated to do something that you have decided to do!

Sometimes you have to go ahead and push yourself to start doing it even when you do not know what to do... in my case, I couldn't think of anything to write.

Sometimes that inspiration or motivation you are looking for will hit you when you are just doing something you committed to doing even when you do not feel like it or see any reason to do it.

This article I am writing now has taught me this! Waiting for inspiration or motivation to do what we decided to do may not always work. We do not necessarily have a choice over how motivated or inspired we may be at any point in time.

We do have a choice to go ahead and attempt to do the things we "chose" to do, regardless of how we feel about it or regardless of when the inspiration will come.

Just do what you have to do. You do not need to figure out all the answers or even be motivated. Sometimes you have to start doing something just before the motivation kicks right in.

Stop waiting... go into doing mode. Keep the need to be motivated or inspired before you do anything aside... just do what you have to do when you have to do them.

All circumstances must not be favorable; it is in doing that you sometimes find your motivation or inspiration. The motivation may come before (which I was waiting for), during (which happened now), or after you take action.

Don't stay trapped in the "before"... focus on doing what you have to do and what you have control over.

I wouldn't have guessed this article will turn out this way, but it did.

Keep doing what you can, don't wait for motivation, and keep winning!



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