Thoughts on Freewill and Predestination

During the years when I questioned everything relating to all of my beliefs and went into personal enquiry to find my own answers on various topics. There was one question that I asked myself which relates to religion.

The question was this: "If God knows everything (past, present and future), then it would imply that he already knows where we would end up in eternity regardless of what we do on earth. Do we really have the freewill then to make our own choices as the scripture says?"

One of the basic tenets of Christianity is that God knows everything. (Ps 139:2-4, Heb 4:13, 1 John 3:20). Another tenet is the gift of our freewill to choose right from wrong (Gal 5:13). So this question was one of those that questions that appeared to contradict different aspects of scripture.

Thankfully I found an answer many years ago that was suitable for me. And before I share that answer I would like to share the reason why I remembered this question.

A social media user had this question on a post that someone had made trying to answer the question about why God sends people to hell. For context the video was saying that we all already on our way to damnation, but that God provides salvation for us through Jesus Christ. So the user posted this:

"I'm not here to bash Christianity but a question I've asked man people some of which were pastors to which can never find a solid answer is; if God knows every detail about a person even before they're created, then he knows Joe will be born a sinner, not repent and go to hell when he dies. If he knows all of this before Joe was created, why did he create Joe knowing he would go to hell? Always hear what the guy in video said as an answer to my question but if God knows Joe will die and go to hell before Joe is created then did Joe really have the choice while he was on earth? The only way for this answer to be in favor of Christianity would be for God to have no knowledge of the decision Joe would make during his time on earth. Nor would God know the decision Joe would make before Joe was created. This would be a big flaw in Christianity since God knows everything."

And this was my response summarizing the answer that I came to many years ago which was suitable enough for me. 

"Hi, I had this question many years ago. It led me to read a lot of writings and hear perspectives from a lot of people. There's no clear cut answer but this is the understanding I took: "it is really not our business what God knows or does not know.

 Our business is to strive to living good lives and doing what we can to make an impact and create meaning during our life here on earth. Knowing the answer to this question does not help your life situation in any way.

 So let's say he already knows your destination before you were born regardless of what you do, how does that affect you? If that was the case, what would you do? There will definitely be a difference in how you go about your life if your were certain that God knows where you will end up. What I mean is that there will be no point for you to strive towards anything and life will be meaningless to you.

Because if you are certain God knows our eventual end, you will feel like nothing you do matters! So how does that benefit you on earth? To conclude on this: not knowing whether God knows your eventual end, will keep you striving to be a better person. 

And let's assume that he knows you will eventually end up in heaven.. you are not aware of this.. so your lack of awareness will keep you striving and creating a better more loving world without being relaxed or lazy about making those efforts from good choices. You get it? 

Now let's assume that he doesn't know where you will end up and you said this is the only answer that is in favor of Christianity. But then if you had this knowledge for certain, you will believe Christianity is flawed (just as your post said in last line) and if you believe that, you will not see the point of even being a Christian or striving to live a life of love (of God and neighbor) which is at the heart of Christianity. 

And your justifications would be that it is flawed because you "know for certain", what God doesn't know. So you see.. either case, the knowledge of what really happens regarding your question is not helpful in anyway for you to know because knowing it only leads to bad outcomes and choices for you. This is the conclusion I came to after reflection."

That was my response to the person's question. And it was welcome by a few others who said they found it insightful. 

As a human being, I think certainly knowing the answer to certain questions is not beneficial to us. As certain knowledge of some things will definitely affect our approach to life and willingness to do what we should be doing. 

If you knew for sure that no matter what you do, you will be a billionaire on earth. That knowledge will definitely change a lot of decisions you are currently making right now because you are currently unaware. Most people would likely relax and not strive towards much cos they're aware they'll be billionaires anyways. 

My point is that there are many things we are inspired to do because we are unaware. There's a good side sometimes to being unaware. Like not knowing what job will work out or who your life partner will be and things like that. 

If we knew these things for certain, we will not try, we will most likely not be willing to make mistakes and experiment as we do in a state of unawareness. And for me that would make life very boring and uninteresting.

This is just why in my conclusion, I think the answer to that question is unhelpful in any way to the user who asked.

I will like to hear your thoughts on this as I could still be wrong on this take and hoping to hear what any of you thinks on this topic.

Apologies once again for late time to post. I have accepted that I may be unable to post often, but I will post whenever I can and when I am inspired to just like today.

I wish you well. Stay happy, motivated and keep winning!

Your friend,



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