Tips on Spending Christmas Away from Home

Christmas tree away from home

Christmas is a lovely time. A time where we share moments with family, friends and people who mean a lot to us. As a kid, I always looked forward to Christmas, traveling to my village in my dad's car, and living in the shared family house where we met with uncles, aunts, cousins who had travelled down from different cities and countries to share the Christmas moments together.

It had always been a time of joy and celebration with lots to eat and drink. There were plenty of gifts. The fun of Christmas was not really in the gifts or presents. It was in the people who surrounded you at that time. However, there are times when you will have to spend Christmas away from the midst of those people.

It is usually a tough one especially if you have to experience that for the first time. Spending Christmas with new friends and people you have only known a short while can sometimes feel lonely especially if it is the first time you are spending it away from the people you usually spend it with. 

However it does not have to be so. While it's important to be able to join your nuclear and extended family home for Christmas, sometimes you may not have such opportunity, and you still have to enjoy Christmas. To make the most out of it, I recommend a few things:

1. Invite your friends/colleagues or neighbours where you currently are:

This can be a tough one to do especially if you struggle with vulnerability, but you have to try. Make some effort to invite other people. There is no shame in that. People can say no or yes. Nothing more than that. Make an effort to entertain them with good food and drinks.

2. Book trips to new places you have never been to 

Wherever you will have to spend your Christmas away from family, there will always be exciting places to visit and cities to explore. Do a bit of research, find these places and plan trips with friends or even just by yourself. Don't wait for anyone to suggest it, you can make an actual plan by yourself and it only begins with trying!

3. Visit people you know in your location

I know, some people will struggle with this one. Some of us are used to inviting others rather, but sometimes you have have to be the one doing the visiting and eating of free Christmas food :) . It does not have to be shameful. Just go to where you are invited or to where you want to go and enjoy the Christmas in the midst of other people.

4. Just take yourself out

It's as simple as that. Go the park, a pub, a party, a Christmas Carol or any Christmas event near you. Make an effort to talk to a stranger (be cautious though but try). You never can tell who could be in same boat as you and that could be the start of an amazing friendship. Just be in the midst of other people and enjoy what you can. 

These are the few things I know that work and makes Christmas enjoyable away from family. Christmas with family is always best, but if you cannot make it, Christmas should still be fun and exciting following some of the suggestions above. 

Feel free to add your own suggestions for people who have to spend Christmas away from their loved ones this season.

Wishing you a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year ahead!

Your friend,



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