Bye Bye 2022!

One of the biggest things I am grateful for in 2022 is not my achievements or my finances, Rather, it is the new friends, contacts, mentors and everyday people who I have been privileged to connect with during the year.

I have realized over and over again that it is not our individual successes that really matter when we face the tough times of life but rather it's the quality of people you have in your support network. No man is an island. And as much as we should want our individual progress, we must ensure that we prioritize people, relationships and networks over any other aspirations. And we must think about collective progress. I believe 2023 will be a great year for everyone of us as we prioritize the things that really matter in this world. I remain deeply grateful to those who find me worthy to be called a friend, to my family, to my well wishers and everyone else who I am connected to in a way or two. I am not perfect but I will keep trying to make you all proud. Let me be first to wish you Happy New Year!! #newyear


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