Why You Feel The Emptiness

Dear Winners,

I'm getting a lot inspired these days to write. And the idea to write on this topic came into my head two days ago while I was watching a documentary about Kid Cudi. 

He in an American rapper best known for his different style in hip hop music. His music which were often about his childhood struggles related to mental health connected with a lot of people.

He sorta created this space where artists began to really express their thoughts and emotions rather than the usual style of promoting gangsterism, flaunting their wealth through music and all.

This earned him a lot of fans globally. He won two Grammy awards and has sold about 22 million records globally, he was successful by all standards.

But in 2016, in a Facebook post he opened up about how he really felt. This was where he openly expressed to the world about how his anxiety and depression has ruled his life for as long as he could remember. You can read his post here.

He got a lot of support, checked himself into rehab and after about a month he came back better. He had later admitted according to this post  that he relied on God to help him get through some of these feelings.

Why am I sharing this about the American rapper? The truth is that at various points in our lives we may feel like this rapper. We may feel sad, depressed, anxious, worthless and empty. Sometimes we fall into these negative thinking patterns which have a way of making us feel bad about who we are regardless of what we may have achieved.

Most people think the solution to such emotions is making so much money and being comfortable. But there are many examples of people who have money and fame, but still feel really empty on the inside.

What could be the problem? Why are we humans not usually satisfied even when it seems everything is okay?

Here is my thought on the issue. Like I mentioned in this post concerning what happened to Vic pride, man has a need for connecting with God. Yes, there is a place for connecting deeply with other humans which is where rehab and therapy may help, but most importantly, our connection to God is the ultimate and will even help us build better relationships with the right people. 

We like to listen to love songs, cos we like the feeling of being in love and being loved in return. But even when some people are in love, they are still not happy. You want to make millions, and you eventually hit the jackpot, the happiness endures for a while and then you still feel empty. What's missing?

It is the greatest connection any human being needs; the only connection that is everlasting, does not wither, does not disappear.. the only connection that makes us feel exactly as we should.. the image and likeness of the invisible God with all the authority, values and blessings that come with it. 

That is the missing link. Without a connection with God, no matter what we achieve in this world, it cannot fill that void which has been created in our souls.

The void is there to bring man back in faith and connection to the one who created him! The beginning and the end. We cannot escape it, no matter the things we distract ourselves with in this world.

Only a relationship with God fills this void.. and as long as we keep avoiding this, the void will be stronger.

How do we build this relationship with God? You have to begin with a sincere heart that seeks to know God. Kneel down and just pray, ask God to speak to you and teach you how to pray if you don't know how.

God is always there with you, but you have to make efforts to build this relationship with him, so you can hear him in your meditation.

Just keep trying, spend some time everyday to kneel, close your eyes and pray. And in your prayer express your heart and concerns to him. Tell him how you feel and the void you may experience sometimes.

And keep calm. You may not hear anything at first, but keep making out time everyday to kneel and pray. One day, you will hear him guiding and directing you on what you need to do.

First, admit that you are sorry you've neglected to build a closer relationship with him and that you acknowledge he created you and that all power on earth and beyond belongs to him. Then talk about your challenges and feelings and ask for help. 

I promise you that if you keep at this, you will begin to notice something different in your life. The best choices will become clearer to you each day and you will learn how to talk to God better over time.

I combine this with studying scripture most times although I must admit I'm not always consistent with that, but it really helps me a lot and leads to a very productive and anxiety free day.

With this practice, you will know the right people to build a relationship with and you will find the right community where you will thrive. 

All your worries will be taken care of. Gradually, miracles will unfold before your very eyes and the void(emptiness) will have no place in your soul.

Relate with the Creator,

Destroy the void,

And keep winning!

Until next time,

Your man,

Ike Nigel.O


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