Things You Must Avoid if You Do Not Want to Be Miserable


Hello bold winners,

This video from YouTube was shared by a friend online and the video really has a sarcastic way of making you really sit up. I felt it was a video worth sharing here.

The only comments I have to make on it are just two: 

1) Being suspicious can be a good thing in certain circumstances, but it doesn't have to make you unwilling to give people a chance to prove themselves or give you reasons to trust them.

2) Seeing yourself as special I think is a good thing for your self esteem as long as you understand that others are special in their own way too and it doesn't make you too full of yourself to look down on others.

But asides from these two arguments which I have about 2 points mentioned in the video, I completely agree with every other thing mentioned. I will also add that trying to build a relationship with God, the creator who knows you better than you know yourself will make positively transforming your life based on the points of this video a lot easier.

I really encourage you to watch this video and if you feel attacked.. lol.. it's a sign you need to work on those aspects of your life.

I have embedded the YouTube video here, let me know your thoughts on it after watching:

Until next time,

Keep winning!

Ike Nigel O


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