The Golden Key To Living a Successful Life: See your value!

the golden key to living a successful life

God is good! Believe this!

See the value in yourself as human. The value God has already put in you!

Don't see the doubts and limitations in your heart which the devil may have put in you through bad childhood experiences or general life experience from people you trusted!

Focus on seeing the value that God deposited in you from the beginning! Then you will always be free to be at your best.

The biggest trick of the enemy through your own mind is to make you keep on remembering past experiences in the past that make you feel like you're worthless.

The more you keep playing the tape in your mind, the more you fail to see the value that God gave to you for FREE! 

The strategy behind the trick is to make you forget that you have value of any sort by making you focus on the bad stuff. 

You should rather be focusing on the good stuff.. which God has given to you freely and which is independent of anything of your own effort. The value is there! Just believe it and focus on it and you will see it more clearly that you are already very valuable.

Seeing this value will make you begin to now notice that you have a vast array of abilities, skills and gifts which you previously were unaware of because you were busy seeing only the bad stuff in your life.

Don't try to think about where the value in your life is.. that's another trap. You may not be able to see it clearly because of bad patterns of thought and beliefs. So if you try to see where how valuable you are at present, you may not be able to and that will make you even believe more that you're worthless!

First step is to BELIEVE that you have value already! Don't worry about 'proof' yet.. the proofs you will begin to see once you BELIEVE in the God given value you have and stop paying any more attention to the bad stuff!

The battle ground is in your mind and you must stay focused on your value! And pray for the grace to keep on seeing it against all odds or distractions to make you feel worthless again.

It's not an easy thing to do. Therefore you must also learn to pray and ask for grace to be able to do this. But believe me with some effort and prayer you will gain back full control of your mind and be able to stay laser focused on the tremendous value you possess!

Your life is already designed to have value, you didn't even have to do anything to be given this value before you even came into existence! Pause a moment to think about it!! It's a Divine gift from God given to every human!

You are so valuable! Way more valuable than you can even imagine consciously!! But there's a trick that the enemy is always ready to play to make you forget this or worse still to be not conscious of this! The enemy does this through arranging some difficult, sad or painful experiences which may make you begin to question what you already possess!

But to actualize every amazing thing God gave to you, you must recognize it first(awareness and belief) and then you will be able to work towards it because you can now see meaning in your life and you will know the activities you need to do and focus upon!

To recognize it first, you just throw away the garbage, depressive, negative and wrong beliefs you have about yourself! 

What you seek in this life is already in you.

You already have everything you ever wanted.

It's just your mind that needs work and reengineering to be able to see your value clearly. You need God's grace to do so, so you have to learn to pray about it.

When you realize the depth of what you possess, you'll complain less and be grateful always!

Until next time,

Keep seeing your God given value and keep winning!

Ike Nigel.O


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