The Correlation Between Faith And Happiness

If you've paid attention to people around you, you may have noticed that the happiest set of people are those who have faith and hope for better things to come while the unhappiest people are those who keep worrying, complaining and blowing their challenges out of proportion.

The reason for this is not far fetched. Faith has a way of putting one into a state of mind where everything is possible. Such a state of mind is what supercedes the feelings of despair or negativity and keeps one feeling happy irrespective of what one may face.

It works like magic. There's no physical evidence supporting your faith or state of mind, but on a subconscious level, you have been able to convince yourself that you possess it. To your mind, that conviction cannot be distinguished from actually having the thing right now. So your mind sees faith the same way it sees something that you presently have. There is no difference!

And that's why faith is such a powerful force of nature. Which is why those who operate on faith and deep convictions are very happy. They are happy because by virtue of their faith, they already have those things they hope for. It is already theirs, and they know it for sure. So they're just as happy as the people who actually have all those things.

And that's why it's very hard for these people to get discouraged by present challenges.. because to them these challenges are trivial compared to what they already know they have and who they already know they are. So.. they will not even see their challenges as challenges because they know that they have conquered it already.

Faithful people are already living the life they hope for. To them, there is no time difference for what they have believed to come to pass. To them, it has already come to pass! And they already have it. It's a hard concept to grasp because someone looking at them on the outside would think that they are deceiving themselves. But funny enough, they aren't. And because these people believe wholeheartedly, it won't be long before you (on the outside) start to see what they had already seen.

Depression, Worry, Feelings of emptiness and sadness usually stem from lack of faith. Without faith, you will tend to believe only in what you can presently observe and experience and we all know that if we Begin to pay great attention to everything wrong in our environment today, we get into a never ending vicious cycle.

The way things presently are could be messy, so using that as a guide or something you're always getting feedback from could make you feel bad most times because as everything changes, your environment may be favourable or not.

But with faith and hope: we look towards the ideal life that we desire and we have faith that we will get there. It is that faith that keeps us going. It is that beautiful future we have seen that keeps us waking up early in the morning, going about our businesses with so much joy, hustling to make ends meet etc. That beautiful future held firmly by our faith is what drives us to do our very best in happiness wherever we find ourselves.

Or would you be motivated to be at your best if you're looking at how messed up things are, how you're facing challenges each day, how someone annoyed you, etc?
Of course not. Faith is the only thing that keeps us really going on and on. The righteous shall live by faith. And every single day, we need to ask God Almighty to increase our faith.

Faith could be used interchangeably with optimism, belief, hope, motivation etc, so I'll define faith here as: the assurance of things hoped for and the certainty of things we do not see.

It's a powerful force of nature. You can use it to drive you to your greatness. You should be caught feeling terrible, depressed or worried. Pray to God to increase your faith.. try to read your holy books. Trust in your God and you will gradually regain your faith.

Most importantly, try to minimize contact with people who their words are always negative and depressing. People who see no good in anything and what they do best is complain. If you keep rolling around with people like that, you won't know when the little faith you have will disappear o. Don't say Nigel didn't warn you.. lol.

Until next time,

Keep your faith strong and Keep winning!


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