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Hi guys,

Been a while away from this awesome blog.. 76 days to be precise! That's a long time, but I've got a lot going on recently in my life right now that I could barely even act on the inspiration to write. But nevertheless, no matter how many times I go offline, I will always strive to be back and write about my experiences and the life lessons that have guided me thus far.

These few months away from this blog really came with a lot of challenging tasks and opportunities in my life. The opportunities that have come my way and how they came to me still look like a miracle to me. But I know that most of the things I have written on this blog so far really helped to motivate me to see the reality of these things.

Everything I have so far experienced have still proven to me that your state of mind is very important when it comes to how far you go and the things you will experience. I have also come to realize something I call the hand of God in the grand scheme of things. Forgive me atheists and non-believers, my experiences(which I won't share here now) have given me proof of God's hand in designing the outcome of things and I ask you to still keep an open mind about his existence if you strongly discredit it.

More than ever, I am thoroughly convinced of this thing called faith. Having faith in anything is incredibly powerful. Faith literally moves mountains. It works like magic, but it really isn't. It is a supernatural key that shifts reality for those who thoroughly believe in their vision. So I want to encourage you to persistently hold onto your visions and dreams; the ones that you really really care about and be rest assured that you will see it come to pass.

Now, to what I was inspired to write today:
"Keep platforming"

keep platforming

 In life, we have a lot of platforms around us. Cambridge dictionary defines platform as "a flat raised area or structure." So in other words, a platform moves you to a higher ground. It takes you up to a higher level. The most successful people in life are those who know how to leverage their platforms to move on the higher platforms. Platforming is a step by step process. You don't magically jump all the steps. You move up with one platform and that platform leads you to the next one.

What are your platforms?
Your platforms are those skills, talents and opportunities you have that can help you stand out or become a better person. If you have a talent or something that you are very good at doing more than everybody else, it is a platform! It is something that can take you up to higher ground if you know how to use it. But how can you use it when you aren't even aware of the platforms you have? Which brings us to the question: How do you identify your platforms?

Simply put, your platforms are those things you have access to which many other people don't have access to. When you think of it this way, you begin to recognize that there are platforms everywhere around you. Do you know that the people you know could be your platform? The people in your life could be the link to your higher ground, but how well are you relating with them and getting the required information or help from them?

It's not the people only, the way you do things, your attitude or little opportunities could be a platform. I know of a person who started as an uneducated cleaner in a company but later turned out to be one of the key staff in the company business and is working on completing his part-time degree. I learnt that what set him apart was his attitude in his work. When he worked as a cleaner, he put his mind into it, did it better than everyone else and was happy doing it. He didn't do it grudgingly. He did it with his heart and mind and this got him noticed. He was recommended as an entry level staff because of his dedication and from there.. he grew!

Working as a cleaner was his platform! He utilized that platform very well and that platform has moved him up to a higher ground.  Many cleaners have come and gone before him. Some would have been unhappy with the role and do it grudgingly cursing everyone inside of their hearts. Some didn't even realize that having the opportunity to work as a cleaner is a platform. For them, it was all about doing the work anyhow and getting paid. They were not aware they were in a platform!

Having the opportunity to go to school and get a college degree is a really big platform! These days I hear a lot of people complaining that their college degrees are a waste. Some even say that it is an ordinary piece of paper with no value and for some others, they feel that they have studied the wrong course in school and that explains their problem. But these people are only saying these things because they have not come to the full realization of the value of the platform with they have. And if you don't recognize the value of anything, it will actually be useless to you. 

Having a college degree gives you access to lots of other platforms. You can virtually choose to venture into anything because you read and understand stuff on your own and there a lot of opportunities coming out everyday both within and outside your country which are actively looking for graduates like you. But because you are not aware of the platform you are on. You keep thinking that you have nothing and consequently, you will not see your opportunities when they show up.

Knowing how to play football, dance, sing, crack jokes, play chess, give advice  or do anything else is a platform! There are very successful people in the world who have attained fame and fortune doing these things. They saw that they were on a platform (individual talent recognition) and they kept platforming till they got to the top. You might say, "Dear Nigel, what are you talking about? I have tried many times to showcase my talents, but I have no sponsors and nobody is appreciating me." Or you could say "Nigel, what you're saying is crap! Those people had access to the best and some of them were very lucky to be born in advanced countries and had the right facilities opportunities and bla bla" However, if you look at your own environment with an open mind and you are not ready to make excuses, you will see that there are successful people in those fields who have passed through similar challenges as you and have made it!

After recognizing your platforms, make good use of them all. Show up at a talent show event. Volunteer to showcase your skills. Offer your best services for free sometimes and let people know about what you do. You have to keep doing something with your platforms. You don't do one thing and it ends.. you must keep on doing things whether successful or not. 

And it is very important to point out that your platforms will lead you to higher platforms! 
Just like the cleaner guy who is now among top level staff, the platforms around you are there to lead you to higher and higher platforms. If you keep at platforming and platforming very well, you will go higher and higher. it is from one level to a higher one. The platforms you utilize very well will give you experience, knowledge and skills which lead you to other platforms, those other platforms also contain the opportunity for you to gain skills which will lead to much higher platforms. It's a game of platforming where each level holds the golden key to unlocking other levels! But you have to pass through each level, gain the prerequisites you need to gain for a higher level, so you can move on. That's why it is important to not look down on any platform you may presently have, no matter how little. Because that "little platform" as you may call it, holds the key to unlocking the higher and higher platforms that are possible in your life.

Platforming is not beans. You don't platform at one spot and expect everything to be perfect. Platforming is an attitude. You must consistently platform. You must keep showing up and you must keep making use of every platform you find around you. There are thousands of reasons out there designed to make you quit, curse the system and stop platforming, then wait to die without achieving anything.. there are millions in fact! But practice the habit of finding that one reason or one person which will inspire you to keep platforming.

Platforming requires a high level of awareness. Look around you today and take an introspective look into your life. Recognize your platforms and make a conscious effort to make the best use of them given the time and the opportunity. Don't give the excuse that you have no platforms. Life has been designed in such a way that platforms are everywhere you may find yourself. If you say you have none, it means you have not recognized what God has placed under your nose. Look again and I pray you recognize, see and make good use of your platforms to success. And don't also make the excuse that your platform is not working out for you. Our platforms must eventually work out if we are persistent at constantly recognizing and utilizing them. Don't also forget the God factor.. maybe you just need a higher being to assist you.

Keep platforming and keep winning!

Until next time,

Your man,


PS: I'm sorry for 76 days off. It wasn't intentional. It just happened. lol.


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