They Won't Stop Talking About You

they won't stop talking

Just take some time to read through this article and you’ll figure out why you cannot please everyone. Think about the following scenarios and pause to reflect on every sentence:

You stay at home in your room and decide not to trouble anyone; they say you're too quiet, that you lock yourself up all the time and barely visit anyone.

You always visit them all the time or you visit your neighbors often, they say "What's wrong with him, why can't he stay in his house?" I wonder what he's looking for in everyone's house.

They see you with girls; they say "He is a playboy! We said it! Look at him."
You decide to hang out with guys, they say "Are you sure he's a man?" "He's always with the guys, maybe he is even gay."

You decide to dress simply without too much blinks, they say "Look at him, he has money, but he won't spend it on himself."

You decide to buy expensive stuffs and wear; they say "You see! He's always showing himself that he has money. He’s always bragging. "

You work very hard every day to make a living, they say "He's always working, he doesn't ever rest."
You decide to rest, they say "Look at him, his mates are outside hustling and he's here whiling away his time."

You don't do drugs or take alcohol. They say "That guy is always forming that he's holier than thou. He doesn't smoke or drink. He's a Jew ass nigga."

You decide to drink or smoke like them. They say "You see, that boy has joined bad gang." "He's a hypocrite, we thought he was good."

See guys ... There's nothing you can do in this life to totally eliminate gossiping from jobless people who take pleasure talking about you.

The country is so tough now that people have taken gossiping to an entirely new level.
You must ignore these people and stay true to yourself and your values. Don't do anything just for people to say 'good' about you because no matter what, they will talk.

Just stay focused and think about your actions before you take them.
If it's okay to you and your conscience, fine do it. Else, no matter what people say to you, don't do it.

There's no time to try to please everybody. Stay focused. Do what you feel is best for you and keep winning!


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