The Sun Keeps Shining

The Sun never relents in shinning

This afternoon after revising my lecture notes, I went outside my balcony and took out time to look at the sky.

I observed the movement of the clouds and the sun, which was shining from a distance. The Sun was out there as always and kept on shining and giving out light to the day.

I felt as if it was smiling at me because I couldn't remember the last time I cared
about looking at it.

So, I said a little prayer of gratitude in my heart and thanked God for the Sun. I wondered about what the world would be like if the Sun refused to shine.

What if the Sun  cared about what people said about it or whether people appreciated its existence or not?

What if the Sun cared about what people who lived here on earth did? Or what if it cared about the grateful or ungrateful people?

If the Sun cared about these things, it would have stopped shining a long time ago. But you see, the Sun's business is to shine and give light to everyone, so it just keeps fulfilling its purpose, without stopping.

If you choose to bless it, that's fine, it keeps shining. If you choose to hate it or curse it, still fine, it continues shining.

Then I learnt something today from the Sun; to keep doing my best and create value, to keep radiating love and to keep shining/giving out my own light.

Everyone of us has some light contained within us all. It's our business to discover it and let it shine.
It comes in form our unique gifts, peculiarities, mannerisms or talents.

Let us let this light shine without bothering about anything else. If we start expecting many things or considering what people say, we tend to hide this light that is in us.

Decide to let your own light shine today, just like the Sun. And if your light is already shining, just keep on shining more brightly and never stop.

I look forward to a beautiful world where every human being lets his/her light shine.

What a beautiful world that would be.

Until next time,

I remain your friend. <3



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