July 1st

I have struggled with consistency updating this blog and I apologize to all my readers for not keeping up with writing daily as I had intended. There are no excuses for this. I am tempted to say I am overwhelmed with a lot at the moment and finding it difficult to keep up with this. But commitments are commitments, so I apologize for this. 

I have told myself that I must update today. And even though I may not be able to write everyday anymore, I will try to update this blog whenever I get inspired to share something positive, uplifting, interesting or encouraging.

So for July 1st, I am sharing this new month message with all my readers. I hope you find some encouragement from it and it helps you stay happy, remain focused and keep doing what you have to do:

Time actually flies! 🚀 July is here already! Marking the beginning of the second half of 2023. 

Today should be a day of reflection on the past six months and lessons to take forward in the second half. 

It should be a day of gratitude over all the good experienced in the first half and drawing lessons from errors needed for this second half. 

Most important thing that has helped me in the first half is prioritizing time to enjoy the process as I work towards my goals.

This has tremendously been of great value as I find myself much more effective and productive as a result.

We must prioritize time to relax, socialize and engage with community even as we pursue our personal ambitions. This cannot be overemphasized. 💯 Enjoying the trip is more important than the destination.

I wish you the best of July and the second half of this year. With God on our side and our focus on taking care of ourselves, loved ones and others, we will continue to succeed. ✅

Don't worry about what you didn't achieve. Being alive and being able to read this on its own is enough achievement. Just keep trying, Keep moving! 🏎️

You are blessed. Happy new month to you and your family! 😇

- Ike


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