Mindset Shift For The Year Into Abundance

Happy New Year Bold Winners! It's our best year yet!

Earlier this month, I found a YouTube video by a content creator 'Crypto Casey' which contains valuable insights on the right kind of mindset to have for success and I felt the messageshe passed was too important for me not to share my insights on it.

There are two kinds of mindsets she mentioned, the poverty and the abundance mindset. She spent some time describing them as summarized below. Although her advise focused on money, I think it applies other areas of our lives, like networking and relationships.

The Poverty mindset is based on "fear", people with this mindset fear they don't have enough money, will never have enough money and they are in constant fear of their current and future situations. These people are not necessarily poor. Rich and poor people alike can have this mindset at different times, it's more about how these people perceive their reality or interpret it, not really about the reality itself. They see the world as a finite place where if someone takes something out of it, there is less of that thing available to everyone else. 

So the people with these mindset tend to be envious of successful people because they thing there's not enough to go around. People with the poverty mindset treat life as a very transactional thing. They can only do things for you when you do things for them. Some don't even care about doing anything for people, they just want to take and take. It's all about what's in it for them. They believe other people have to lose for them to win.

The next kind of mindset is the Abundance or Wealthy mindset. This is the kind of mindset we all should have for this new year and beyond if we can maintain it. People with this abundance mindset are usually full of optimism and confidence as relates to their finances, relationships and other areas of their lives. They see the world as infinite place full of infinite opportunities and potentials for everyone! 

They don't see the world as a place where one's success prevents another's. Neither do they fear that resources will become scarce. The are positively driven people who focus on win-win situations and they often give and help others without expecting to receive anything in return. They see money as an infinite resource and the acquisition thereof only limited by that which they can create and manifest in their mind.

So Casey suggested these 5 facets to enable of recognize when we are operating from a poverty mindset versus an abundance mindset. They are:

1. Our beliefs about the world: people with poverty mindset constantly complain about how unfair the world is. They often think about it and usually blame this "unfairness of the world" as a reason for their lack of success. They waste a lot of time and energy worrying and complaining about something completely out of their control. These person's believe that other people and their governments owe them something, so they wait for hand outs and for people to always give them stuff.

People with abundance while being aware of all the things going wrong in the world refuse to constantly complain, get angry, blame or cry about it. Rather, they focus on doing the best they can with their best intentions and any success they experience, they are all the more grateful about it. They appreciate any success they get and they are happy even when they fail. Because they see failures as learning opportunities which are a natural part of their journey to success. 

2. Feelings about Successful People: People with poverty mindset are jealous, envious and bitter about people that have achieved success because they believe that other people's successes somehow diminish their own chances of succeeding. People with poverty mindset also find it very easy to believe that successful people got their wealth through fraud, cutting corners, gaining inheritance, having connections or just cheating their way up. It's hard for them to see good reasons why someone else could experience success.

People with abundance mindset celebrate the success of other people and instead of getting envious rather become inspired by it. They are motivated to learn about how successful people achieved their success and they apply certain aspects to their lives and increase their chances of realizing success. They seek out successful people as mentors, role models and friends to help them on their journey. 

3. Dealing with Competition: People with poverty mindset find competition threatening. They become easily discouraged or angry and want to quit when they feel another person is getting ahead. They see no point trying when they feel someone is catching up with them or when the feel someone else is better than them. But this is all coming because rather than seek to improve upon themselves daily, they are busy comparing themselves with other people. 

People with abundance mindset rather embrace and welcome competition. They see it as a challenge to improve themselves, get better, network and even learn from others. They don't care if someone appears to do better or worse than they are, they are rather looking for opportunities to learn from others or teach them. They form good relationships with competitors and seek out win win alternatives. 

4. Lifestyle: People with poverty mindset are always complaining that they do not have enough and often times it becomes a self fulfilling prophecy for them. They are always thinking in terms of spending less, cutting costs over quality, cutting off  relaxation time and over budgeting. They literally do everything to save money

 Most of them are miserly in their spending and do not even allow themselves sometimes to enjoy the luxuries of the money they work tirelessly for. This is because they believe money is scarce and that they will never have enough of it. They keep focusing on what they don't have and it makes them scared to even take time out to enjoy their money. They sacrifice their time, comfort and happiness just to make extra money, but don't even take out time to take care of themselves and also relax with some of this money. 

Vacations are like a waste of money to them and they rather continue working long hours on a job than take time off to do something fun and exciting. They work insanely hard all the time, limiting their vacations, sacrificing sleep always, not taking care of their health and miss out on great experiences like nice dinners, weekend getaways, strengthening relationships with family and friends. 

People with abundance mindset still get their work done, but they focus on living their lives fully and consciously! That to them means they have to do things they enjoy, things they are passionate about, things that create new experiences for them, live healthy and happy. They operate from a place of confidence and optimism and usually fancy working the way they want and where they want. This helps them balance their life and their work. 

Their work doesn't become the totality of their life, they know when to have fun and when to give their best shot and work. This makes them multidimensional people who are good at the work they do and also good in their private lives outside of work. This attitude helps them build great relationships and networks with other people which leads them to more information, recommendations and more progress in their work and life. 

Have you noticed some people who seem to work excessively at a particular job but not getting any promotions? Whereas someone else who seems not to be so engrossed with work is getting recommended often and promoted many times? Well it has to do with being a balanced individual, not just good at work, but good as an individual who relates well with others outside of work. 

People with abundant mindset focus on the good things they have going on in their lives and they appreciate it. They do not let their work blind then from seeing the little things that happen in their lives each day. These people prioritize their time over money because unlike the people with poverty mindset, they know money isn't everything and there will always be enough to go around. 

They are more concerned with maximizing their time to enjoy, pursuing their passions, connecting with friends/loved one and then also doing their best to work smart during work time.  Because of this understanding, they create multiple streams of income which would allow them leverage time and create free time for them as well to relax and enjoy. They also know how to leverage people to do additional work which may eat into their relaxation time. They don't try to do everything by themselves because of money like those with poverty mindset. 

They see having luxuries as fun, exciting, full of new experiences and memories and do not see enjoying luxuries as a waste of money. 

5. Relationships with Other People: People with poverty mindset see people only as a tool to achieve what they want in other words, they see people as a means to an end. They don't believe there is much to be learnt from others and believe it's a waste of time getting close to other people if there is nothing of benefit in it for them. 

If you can't give them money, get them a job, buy stuff for them, connect them to an opportunity or other favors like that, they do not value you at all as a human being. They only see relationships as important when they can clearly establish what the other party would give to them. In other words, they are overtly selfish in working with others. 

People with abundance mindset, do not think this way, they build relationships based on trust, shared values, enjoyment of similar values or just from liking someone else with no strings attached. People with abundance mindset forge and maintain relationships with people without necessarily looking at expectation or getting something in return. 

They do it because they love life and genuinely care about creating great experiences with others. They also do not judge people by their "perceived" position in life. They know that they can learn from anyone and no matter the current situation of another person, things can always change. So they relate with everyone irrespective of position in life. This is what draws people to then and makes them very likeable and trusted. 

So these are my notes on the 5 variables as discussed by Crypto Casey. Other variables to check if you have poverty or abundance mindset are: believing you are a victim of circumstance or other people's actions, fear of spending money on quality items because you always look for cheaper alternatives, obsession over free stuff, greediness, feeling guilty about success and lots more. In anycase having an abundant mindset is best and if you identified yourself having any poverty mindset beliefs, simply make it a goal this year to replace it with the opposite as described here!

I've written over 1800 words on my first article for 2022 already. It's a great sign. I hope to write more this year. Above all, choose to follow God this year by constantly listening to his word, praying and paying attention to your God-given spirit during meditation.  :) 

May wish for you us that 2022 is your best year yet as you choose the abundance mindset! And by God's grace, you will keep winning, excelling and dominating every sphere of your life.. Feel free to leave a comment on how you feel about the article and you can watch the video that inspired my post here.

Until next time,

Keep manifesting your greatness,

Ike Nigel O


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