Powerful Insights in May

Powerful insights

I experienced a period of clearer vision in May 2021. I had reluctantly joined Immerse Inner Circle, a coaching program designed for men to help them become more purpose driven. I actually did not see the need, but something told me to go ahead and join. 

I have been blown away ever since and much more inspired to even do much more than I am doing in my life. The key takeaways so far have been the following:

1. Resource Mobilization: This refers to your ability to find the resources you need to bring your vision to reality, knowing how to find it, who you partner with and who you need to get on your team. Seeing the vision does not always mean you will have to be the one to execute it! 

As a visionary, you must master the art of building relationships with people and leverage that relationship to push your vision forward. Resource mobilization is what separates people who are successful from people who are extraordinarily successful.

Building your support system is not God's job, it is yours! Go out there and connect with people, find those who are interested in your vision and do not be shy to ask for their help. Two heads are better than just one.

2. Faith: Faith is risk taking and going beyond bothers! You cannot claim to have faith and be risk averse. Faith is doing something that other people may consider stupid, but because you strongly believe in your vision, you take the leap regardless of what people say.

Faith is magical and is shown in the actions you take. Therefore, you must watch your actions and understand what it is saying as this indicates your faith. For example: Maybe you are led to meet up with a thought leader and make a quick pitch about your business. Your mind may kick in and tell you not to do it, that he/she may ignore you.. other people around you may tell you it's a waste of time talking about your business to someone who may not care.

But if you have faith, you will get up and go and speak to this person. Whatever the outcome, you demonstrated faith with your actions.. by standing up and moving to the stranger, you are subconsciously saying "I am not afraid of rejection. I believe in my business as to want to share it with this thought leader." - this is what your action says to your subconscious mind and it will manifest in your life. So faith is simply risk taking based on the vision you have seen.

3. Execution: If you get an idea, run with it. Anyone can get an idea, but the difference will always lie in the speed to execute those ideas. You can get God's attention by the speed with which you execute. There is a reason why some ideas keep popping up in your mind every now and then. You must take those recurring ideas seriously because our pressing ideas are a hint of what you are supposed to be doing in your life to find fulfillment.

No matter how little the idea is, execute it the best way you can and you will discover more higher ideas sparking up within you. When you are filled with ideas, act upon them. You cannot act on every idea, but it is important to act on a few of them and watch those ideas multiply.

To effectively execute, you must learn to leverage talent, expertise, networks and technology! You have to execute more because you are capable of doing so, refuse to play small!

4. Mindset of service: Whatever vision you have has to be tied to rendering service to humanity for you to have lasting fulfilment. The motivation behind your vision does not have to be money alone or to fulfill just your own desires. The selfish part is the part of misery and leaves you feeling empty afterwards. But once your vision is backed by making life easier for people through the value that you create, you will derive happiness, wealth and fulfilment from it.

The spirit of being supportive to those in your network, having the mindset to be kind and providing services needed by others can take you very very far! This is important because individual success is futile if it not part of collective success! Your work must be integrated to the success of others, so you can rise fulfilled!

5. Moments of Solitude: We live in a world where we find ourselves almost busy during every waking hour. Our minds are often wandering from one task to another, from one phone call to another, from one movie to another, from one meeting to another and so on! We keep up drowning in events and engaging with the outside world that we fail to find the time to listen to our inner man.

Social media even made it worse for us. Many of us cannot just stop touching our phones! At ever free time we find, we just pull it out! There is always new content to watch, new posts to view and new gist to catch! But then it steals away our quiet time for introspection.

A person who is serious about creating impact through his/her vision, must find the time to be quiet. At least 15-30 mins each day. You can pause and just listen. Block off every other thing and allow your spirit speak into your heart. It may be difficult to achieve while starting, but try continuing for a period of 30 days, your mind will learn to be quiet.

6. Trust in God does not mean you become lazy:  A visionary needs to trust God and believe in his words. You cannot believe in what you do not know, so you know the word by reading the scripture each day. I was not consistent with this, so I asked a friend who was consistent to call me anytime she was about to study scripture. She called a few days and I became used to it!

You have to trust what God tells you. Trusting in God is shown by your faith.. Your faith is shown in how readily you take the action that God has put in your heart towards a particular vision. It is very important to understand it. Trust is shown by faith shown by your actions! You cannot say you trust God and then fold your arms and expect magic to happen. No!

Magic will happen as you are taking the actions you have been led to take! It is not like your actions will make things happen. Your actions are only proving your faith in the word which proves your trust in God.. and when God sees this steady trust, he does the magic through whatever actions you have done or is doing at the moment.

Never look at the outcome of your work as a yardstick.. you may be taking faith based actions without results. It should not bother you, your faith is being tested, so keep working as your spirit leads, God gives the results at his own time. Worrying about the time won't help you because you cannot know when. So focus on executing and show your trust in God by faith. Be rest assured it will happen!

Your life should be a life of daily trust and dependence of God. Like I have explained, that is not an invitation to laziness.. the dependence and trust is putting in faith backed actions!

7. Your perception matters a lot: The way you perceive things affects your reality. A whole lot of things depend on how we see things! You must train your mind to see the bigger picture of every experience rather than get trapped over a minor painful aspect of it. As a visionary, you may undergo periods of pain, when you feel like giving up.

In those moments, try to see the bigger picture, whatever pain you presently experience is but a tiny fraction of your entire life. Be rest assured that it will pass! But how do you do that? How do you keep  your head sane when you're hit by challenges here and there? 

The trick is to focus on your big vision. You must form the habit of seeing that finish line at all times. It will fuel your entire system to look beyond challenges and keep on keeping on! Keep your focus strong on what you want to achieve and you will never miss. Do not allow the pain and challenges switch your focus! Because you only get more of what you focus upon! If you focus on painful experiences, it would blow up beyond the proportion and look larger than it actually is.

So never lose sight of your vision. A sharpened perception keeps you in flow of light! Keep seeing your finish line everyday and every time and enjoy the process as you move closer to it.

8. Be Comfortable in your own skin: It is important you understand that you are not really here to impress anybody in real life or on social media. Also important to note that you are not competing with anybody either. The truth is that you are here to impress God and your own self through fulfilling your vision and contributing to making the world a better place. You are also only in competition with being a better version of who you were yesterday.

That is the goal! That means you must be comfortable in your own skin and be completely honest with yourself about where you are presently. Your business is not to keep looking at other people and comparing where they are to where you are. That's the ultimate nonsense. 

Doing that means that you will keep doing things for the sake of looking better or appearing better than someone else, it is a never ending cycle. You forget about your vision and what you are supposed to do with your life to play games with other people who are on different life paths? What folly is that?

Being comfortable in your own skin means you are real with yourself, you are not struggling to be fake or to appear to be what you are not, you are rather focusing on listening to your inner spirit and moving in the direction of your vision. Getting better at it everyday and growing your knowledge/skillset each day should be your goals.. not chasing shadows.

9. Affirmations are powerful: The adherents of major religions in the world already know how powerful affirmations help. Leverage on using powerful repetitive affirmations to declare great outcomes over your life. We know that positive affirmations work because it gets these thoughts from your conscious mind to your subconscious mind. But problem is that sometimes we forget to habitually declare them.

This is a reminder to be conscious of the words you say over your life. Think before you speak because speaking carries weight too. A lot is tied to your tongue. Simple sentences like, "I am so happy." "I am very lucky." "I am blessed." "I am favored." "I am successful." May sound cliché, but they go a long way to reform your subconscious mind.

Another way to positively affirm is use of lofty questions like asking yourself: "Why am I so blessed?" "Why am I so wealthy?" "Why am I so loved?" "Why am I so brave?" -- all these have strong impacts on your subconscious and over time leads to manifestation of these things you have declared.

So those are the insights that really awakened me last month and I felt the desire to share with my lovely blog readers today! There's good news, The blog crossed 300,000 views today! It means a lot, thank you all for being on this journey with me.

Until next time,

Your man,



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