Faith And Motivation

Hi Folks, hope you are fine? Hope everything is okay?

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Last month has been pretty rough in Nigeria, the #EndSarz protests really created a very tense atmosphere, but thankfully everything is gradually settling back to normal. 

I've really been very busy with a lot this year, and as a result I've not been writing as frequently as I should on this blog, but it's all for good and I pledge to write at moments when I am inspired just like this moment.

The thing I want to share now relates deeply to mindset and belief systems. And even though I started this blog mostly writing about staying motivated and all, the truth is that if you don't have a deep rooted brief in God, the creator, it's really hard to just be self-motivated.

The more you make yourself available to the Creator, you will find out that you will develop a very strong sense of motivation and well-being. Building a closer relationship with God will be revealed through your relationship with people. 

The people around you are there for a reason and you have to be able to relate to them in a way that is pleasing to God. And that's by not being too closed from them and genuinely being interested in their lives.

I've come to see that if you really try to draw closer to God by meditation, prayers, trying to live a just life with good conscience, your faith is strengthened. This faith contains the highest form of motivation you can ask for. And this faith is what moves you to take actions that are focused, directed and worry free.

Now I'm not trying to preach or anything.. 😂 I'm still all about staying motivated in life.. but I'm sharing with you guys motivation from a source that doesn't easily fade away.. and that source is from the Creator.. where everything genuinely good and everlasting emanates from.

Motivation interweaves action and mindset.. faith strengthens your beliefs and pushes you to action. So motivation and faith are really inseparable. You can say motivation is a subset of faith. If you draw closer to the Creator, you will understand that there's nothing impossible to Him, and you become very confident of this.. knowing this strengthens you.

It's really been a lot easier for me to maintain my self-esteem, positivity and motivation just by strengthening my faith in God. There's a whole new level of motivation that brings to you. It's real guys, no jokes.

Trying to stay motivated without acknowledging the power and omnipotence of the almighty is really tough. With so many motivational resources out on the internet and with so many motivational speakers rising up each day, ask yourself why a lot of people still find it difficult to stay motivated.

We all have challenges and problems which we face and tackle every day. No one is an exception. But the difference between those who are happy facing theirs and the others is simply the level of motivation with which each party is approaching their own challenges. 

I've tested the power of faith in our level of motivation and I can tell you for free that it's the best way to stay motivated. Self motivation alone may last a while, but without something stronger outside your self to back it up, it fizzles out.

I don't know how your belief in God (the Creator) really is or how you choose to worship. But I enjoin you today to make yourself available to Him. You could just kneel and pray and ask God to guide you and draw you closer to himself. It's all that simple.

Do this consistently if you feel you do not have a good relationship with God and you will begin to see changes in your life. Most religions share these principles; fairness to others, loving people, being charitable and being kind. Try to pray however comes to your mind while practicing those principles  in your daily life.

Still go about your daily activities with joy and happiness! Exercise, meet people, remind yourself of who God says you are, remind yourself of how far you've come, do your best and just be grateful to God.

No matter what it is, God is in control and everything will be fine. Just do your best, stay motivated in faith and keep winning!

Until next time,

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  1. This is such a fantastic post and resource for parents and teachers. Thank you for the list of books to support this concept with kids. Thank you so much for the wonderful information you are sharing.

    1. Didn't include any list of books, but thanks.


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