Derive Joy From Every Win

I am really inspired and excited to be writing this and I think the inspiration to write it is coming at a very good time. If you pay close attention to the people around you and to happenings around the world, you will find that a couple of people are unhappy. Statistics show that about 1 in 4 people are mentally depressed.

Why are they unhappy? They are thinking of problems, thinking of how they will get to where they desire to be, bothered about the things that they are yet to have, the kinda relationships they dream of and etcetera. No one is expected to be happy all the time, however one needs to at least feel good most of the time regardless how things may seem.

So how can these unhappy people (who are constantly bothered about the things they desire) learn to be happy? I have a simple tip today which I believe will go a long way to help them. If you are already feeling good about yourself most of the time, you can share this tip with someone who you know is mostly down and adopts negative views.

And the tip is this... before I spill it out, there is a bit of context. I have noticed that a lot of people do not enjoy or celebrate the little progress they make at every point in their lives. A lot of them do not even take notice of how far they have come. To these people, they are always hoping only to be happy or celebrate when they meet certain criteria or achieve goals that look big.

For example, some people have these ideas of: I will be happy when I buy a car, I will be happy when I get married to someone with certain characteristics, I will be happy when I buy a car, when I travel to the Bahamas for a vacation, I will be happy when I get a particular job and so on. They imprison their happiness on certain conditions.

So these people become so fixated on the things they want, the things they "assume" will make them happy! And they forget that happiness is not a thing that is just gained by achieving an objective. How many times have you gotten to that point when you achieved something you have always wanted and hours later after the initial excitement and adrenaline rush, you begin to feel same way you have always felt? I can bet that a lot of you will agree that the excitement gotten from achieving something you have always wanted doesn't usually last too long.

So what that should tell us is that happiness isn't something just gotten by achieving just an objective. To be genuinely happy is to learn to build and derive joy from every step on the way. So when you eventually get to the "top", you are already a genuinely happy person and the additional excitement derived from getting there won't really die off so easily because you have become an ocean of joy.

I'm beginning to sound too philosophical.. but what exactly do I mean? My point is this and therein lies the tip: learn to derive joy from the little wins. Don't wait to achieve the biggest things before you allow yourself time to enjoy the little things you are able to have. There is joy in every little victory and the more you derive the joy in those things, the happier and more motivated you will get to keep working hard for the big wins.

A happy person working towards an objective is more likely to achieve that objective than someone who is unhappy for obvious reasons. You are either happy or unhappy.. I don't really believe there are in-betweens. Happiness attracts more happiness and that's probably why happy people find more and more reasons to be happy. And that's why they reach their goals faster. There is a certain positive energy that surrounds and follows you when you are genuinely happy.

Stop postponing your happiness. It is good to have big dreams and big goals, but never let those aspirations blind you from seeing and deriving joy from your little wins or any win of any kind.

If you do this, you will be amazed at how happy you will become over time. So just get off your head and be happy about the small things. Whether it is someone that smiled at you today or you got a job(maybe the pay is not up to a million dollars as you would have wanted.. haha), maybe you were feeling sick and you are now stronger, be happy about that. I mean, there are many examples I can give you, but I believe you are smart and you get the point already!

Let's learn to be grateful for the things we have and the things we have been able to achieve. It is no small feat and there are people wishing to be where you are presently. So learn to feel grateful and learn to be happy about any form of success that comes your way.. it may be in our career, relationships, your health, your going out and coming back safely.. anything.. just be happy and be grateful. Your joy will be multiplied.

Derive joy from your wins and keep winning!

Till next time,



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