Interpret Your Reality Positively

interpret your reality positively

A whole lot of people are still trapped living the life that they don't desire because they keep interpreting their realities the wrong way. If you are a person used to interpreting whatever happens to you from a negative perspective, it will be difficult for you to succeed.

We see more of what we pay attention to. This is a natural law whose effects are prevalent in today's world.

Take for example: Two people went for a job interview and the both of them fails. One of them interprets his failure to mean; "I'm not good enough. I am destined to fail. I am not intelligent enough to pass such an interview." Or even things like; "I knew there was no point going for the interview, they have already selected their candidates and  I was there for formality sake."

The second candidate on the other hand who also failed interpreted his situation this way; "Perhaps, this is not the right job for me and I had to fail it, so I get a chance for a bigger and more suitable job" or "I should have passed this interview, maybe I was meant to fail it, to better prepare myself for similar interviews to better opportunities tomorrow".

Who among the two candidates do you think is better positioned to take more positive actions that will lead to a greater opportunity tomorrow? Of course it's the second. A person who thinks like that won't see any situation as a bad situation. That person will grow irrespective of his or her experiences.

I don't want to dwell too much on this because hopefully I believe the example above gets the point across. What I just have to add is that there is no seemingly negative experience we face in life that something good cannot evolve from. But for us to see the good thing coming out of all the things we think are bad things, we have to learn how to see through those things.

If someone breaks up with you, it's not the end of the world. It could be that this person is not the right person to build your future with. Interpret it that way and move on. You can interpret it as: I need to work on myself for better relationships in future.. if you think the breakup was your fault. It's also a good way to look at it. But never should you interpret it to mean "Maybe I'm not good enough" "It's because I don't look good enough." "It's because I'm cursed .." etc These are dangerous perspectives that could rob you of your happiness and peace of mind. Why buy into them?

You may think that there are some things you cannot interpret positively. It's only a trick that your own mind plays on you, so you can accept negativity as the truth about yourself and your situation. And once you accept any negative thoughts as true, you begin to experience more and more of it. It becomes a vicious cycle.

There is good in the difficult times you may be facing now. Maybe you're facing it because you're destined for something greater in future which will need you to have the skills you're gaining from your painful situation. Maybe you need to learn patience and how to deal with people of different characters. Maybe you have to experience stuff, so you can get access to people and opportunities that could turn your life around. Interpret Your difficulties positively and you'll see your life transform.

When in doubt about how to interpret your situation, remember that what you see becomes the truth for your situation, so see the right things.
Bear this in mind and keep on winning!
Your Man,


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