Friday, December 27, 2019

The Thing About Facebook and Social Media

The thing about Facebook and social media in general is that it has a way of making it look as if everything is fine with everybody and nobody is passing through any challenges.

People (like you and me) come to these social media platforms, post our "best" pictures and make it seem like everything is all rosy and sweet with us, but a lot of us are really sad on the inside.

So in other to escape this feeling of sadness or pain, we come online, we post our best pictures.. so that at least other people get the perception that our life is so great and awesome.. and then we're kinda satisfied that people "think" we are doing perfectly ok.

But who all these things epp finally? If you're going through anything that hurts you or causes you pain.. please don't feel under pressure to make other people think everything is fine with you.. don't allow social media to be an escape for your word either. These "likes" and "comments" will make you feel good temporarily, but they don't solve the problem, so don't get hooked on them.

Don't be drawn into the whole game of perception because it's not a competition. Address your problems by sitting down to think and plan towards how you can solve them.. and don't just keep pretending about it and getting some temporary high from social media.

These "highs" are actually good for your well-being, so you should post some "pepper-dem" pics once in a while if it makes you sleep well at night, but if it's becoming an addiction or a way to escape the practical solving of whatever challenges you may be passing through, then I think it's time you have a rethink about your social media use come 2020.

Try and link up with people who you can trust and who you can confide in if you're passing through anything at the moment.. Don't keep on pretending to be happy depending on these memes. True happiness comes from actually admitting and solving your problems, not escaping it.

I don't know who needs to read this before 2020.. but well.. it's outside my mind now. 😉

Sunday, October 6, 2019

The Correlation Between Faith And Happiness

If you've paid attention to people around you, you may have noticed that the happiest set of people are those who have faith and hope for better things to come while the unhappiest people are those who keep worrying, complaining and blowing their challenges out of proportion.

The reason for this is not far fetched. Faith has a way of putting one into a state of mind where everything is possible. Such a state of mind is what supercedes the feelings of despair or negativity and keeps one feeling happy irrespective of what one may face.

It works like magic. There's no physical evidence supporting your faith or state of mind, but on a subconscious level, you have been able to convince yourself that you possess it. To your mind, that conviction cannot be distinguished from actually having the thing right now. So your mind sees faith the same way it sees something that you presently have. There is no difference!

And that's why faith is such a powerful force of nature. Which is why those who operate on faith and deep convictions are very happy. They are happy because by virtue of their faith, they already have those things they hope for. It is already theirs, and they know it for sure. So they're just as happy as the people who actually have all those things.

And that's why it's very hard for these people to get discouraged by present challenges.. because to them these challenges are trivial compared to what they already know they have and who they already know they are. So.. they will not even see their challenges as challenges because they know that they have conquered it already.

Faithful people are already living the life they hope for. To them, there is no time difference for what they have believed to come to pass. To them, it has already come to pass! And they already have it. It's a hard concept to grasp because someone looking at them on the outside would think that they are deceiving themselves. But funny enough, they aren't. And because these people believe wholeheartedly, it won't be long before you (on the outside) start to see what they had already seen.

Depression, Worry, Feelings of emptiness and sadness usually stem from lack of faith. Without faith, you will tend to believe only in what you can presently observe and experience and we all know that if we Begin to pay great attention to everything wrong in our environment today, we get into a never ending vicious cycle.

The way things presently are could be messy, so using that as a guide or something you're always getting feedback from could make you feel bad most times because as everything changes, your environment may be favourable or not.

But with faith and hope: we look towards the ideal life that we desire and we have faith that we will get there. It is that faith that keeps us going. It is that beautiful future we have seen that keeps us waking up early in the morning, going about our businesses with so much joy, hustling to make ends meet etc. That beautiful future held firmly by our faith is what drives us to do our very best in happiness wherever we find ourselves.

Or would you be motivated to be at your best if you're looking at how messed up things are, how you're facing challenges each day, how someone annoyed you, etc?
Of course not. Faith is the only thing that keeps us really going on and on. The righteous shall live by faith. And every single day, we need to ask God Almighty to increase our faith.

Faith could be used interchangeably with optimism, belief, hope, motivation etc, so I'll define faith here as: the assurance of things hoped for and the certainty of things we do not see.

It's a powerful force of nature. You can use it to drive you to your greatness. You should be caught feeling terrible, depressed or worried. Pray to God to increase your faith.. try to read your holy books. Trust in your God and you will gradually regain your faith.

Most importantly, try to minimize contact with people who their words are always negative and depressing. People who see no good in anything and what they do best is complain. If you keep rolling around with people like that, you won't know when the little faith you have will disappear o. Don't say Nigel didn't warn you.. lol.

Until next time,

Keep your faith strong and Keep winning!

Friday, July 5, 2019

A Review of Ucertify Python Programming Course

Hello bold winners,

Trust you're mentally alert, motivated and doing just great?

It has been a while away from the blog again as I've been working on and exploring the world of IT(Information Technology), ML(Machine Learning) and AI(Artificial Intelligence) to see how these technologies can be utilized for the greater good.

So far so good, the journey has not been easy. I taught myself programming using Python and was fortunate to get an internship at a firm which further helped me to refine my skills.

I see a lot of amazing potential in these emerging technologies and I strongly believe that when put to the right use, it can go a long way to solve the world's major challenges.

Imagine having a personal robot that can tell when you're feeling bad and motivate or give you reasons why you should feel good about yourself by speaking to you or playing you some great videos. Imagine  tech that helps you build and maintain good relationships with people? Or even an interconnected home for the elderly or those who need intensive care which understands the environment using AI and sends appropriate signals to professionals incharge of these people's well being?

AI can help us in agriculture(no need for too many farmers), it can help us make better drugs because it has the capacity to analyze vast amounts of data which cannot easily be analyzed by humans, it can even help in creating a more secure society with less fraud. The possibilities are endless.

So what is the point of all these? Well, if you're interested in contributing to this emerging field of technology, then Python is a good place to start. I have been learning about Python for a long while now on online learning platforms like edx and coursera. But recently I took a Python Course from Ucertify and here is my review on linkedin:

"I gone through a couple of Python courses and I've never seen any as complete and as comprehensive as the one I took from Ucertify is a comprehensive online learning website with very good systems of learning. There are plenty of resources for a variety of learners. You can choose to read the lessons, watch videos and you get lots of opportunities to gain mastery of the subject through practice questions, interactive labs and assessments. The course "Basics of Python Programming" is highly recommended for anyone who wants to get a very strong foundation of the python Program. Here is the link to register for the course: . It covers Python Basics, Data Structures, Functions, Modules, Control Flow Tools, Errors/Exception handling, OOP and lots more! Suitable for developers, Data Scientists and anyone who is interested in learning about the Python Program."
hashtagUcertify hashtagPython hashtagmachinelearning hashtagartificialintelligence hashtagprogramming hashtagcode

I really recommend this course to anyone looking to gain mastery in Python which is the foundation of learning programming requisite for further applications in web development, data analysis, machine learning, artificial intelligence and robotics. You can still check out other online learning websites by doing a simple Google search, but this course by Ucertify is well rounded.

Here is what the certification looks like:

Feel free to check out the course and leave a comment if you have any question, suggestion or feedback.

Until next time,

Let's change the world with Technology and keep winning!

Thursday, May 16, 2019

Please Don't Commit Suicide!

Please do not commit suicide.

Damn! Been reading about one Chukwuemeka Akachi, a poet and an undergraduate who took his own life..
I felt bad because for at least 6 months, this guy had been giving warning signs. He posted stuff on depression and death.. but then it seemed like nobody took him seriously until he finally did it.
I don't what's moving me to write this post, but I must write it.
Suicide is a terrible way to go. People take their lives when they feel their challenges are insurmountable and they can do nothing about it. Their mind is made up because they only see negative possibilities.
But by taking ones life, one loses the beauty and surprises contained in the next moment. All around you and contained in each passing second are possibilities. Lots and lots of wonderful possibilities filled with hope and love.
But the devil tricks the minds of these people to not see any good possibility and then they eventually choose the easy way out to go by themselves.
Whatever you're passing through today, I want you to understand that you are not alone in it and you will never be alone! There are thousands of people who have passed, who are passing and I who will pass through the same challenges. Many of them will eventually survive it and it becomes a story to encourage others with in future. Why be among those who lose out the battle by taking one's life?
No matter how bad the devil wants you to see your predicament, the truth is that there is always a way out and you can eventually triumph over it.
At this point, I have to stress about the importance of spirituality in one's life. By spirituality, I don't mean that you should always be seen in places of worship or be a hypocrite. I mean you should try to seek God for your own self. Try to get closer to the creator and the infinite source of love through meditation, prayer, practice and study. It will help you go a long way and will give you direction in a world where it seems that a lot people don't care.
God always cares, God is always there for you. He brought you here and he has armed you with all you need to walk this earth victoriously. Seek his face and counsel.
I say this because a lot of people are bedeviled with depression and often contemplate suicide because they believe nobody cares about them.
In extreme cases, a lot of people may not actually care about your existence.. but the ultimate is when you refuse to care for your own self as a result of this.
Your own opinion and the way you feel about yourself is the ultimate litmus test. It is not fully dependent on the behavior of others.
By the way, everyone isn't meant to value, love or appreciate you. Should that now make you devalue, hate or humiliate your own self?
That doesn't just make sense.
Deep spirituality really helps. With an appreciation of God, you'll learn to naturally love, cherish and value your own existence irrespective of what any person does or says to you. Then you'll be able to find those who genuinely value you because of who you are.
You will understand that this life is not from the outside to the inside(you). The world is from inside to outside.
I think I'm typing too much.. just think about these things. Whatever you're facing, know that it is a challenge you can actually overcome. Know your maker and know yourself. It goes a long way.
I don't often ask people to share my posts, but please share this post of you find it encouraging and supportive. You never know whose life you may get to save as a result.

Have a nice day.

Tuesday, March 12, 2019

10 Cool Job Hunting Commandments

Stumbled upon a nice article shared by a user named "qanda" on nairaland. Decided to share here:

The Ten (10) Job Hunter Commandments

Dear Job Hunter, it does not matter the number of job applications you have submitted. It does not matter the number of Job tests you have written and Job interviews you have attended. If you follow the information contained in this article, have belief in God and yourself, you will land your dream Job sooner than later.

1. Thou Shall have a Career Goal
It is common to hear Job seekers say “I want just any job, I am tired of doing nothing, any……”. It is important that you have a Career goal in mind. You should have definite job positions and roles you want to play in the organisations you’d like to work with. You may consider matching your interest with your skills and abilities. 

There are many young men and women who desire to work with the best companies in the world but do not make any effort to find out what it takes to work with them. Yet this information is available on their website. For instance, some companies employ sales rep who are bilingual. Visit the website of the organisations you wish to work for and also do a research on the skills required for the job role.

2. Thou Shall ensure that your CV is error Free and tailored for the Application
Some graduates do not know what a Curriculum Vitae (CV) is, needless to say have one. Some will just get a sample from a friend; duplicate it, including the errors made by their friends and do not show the CV to anyone for proof reading. This is the reason why some individuals are never invited for Job interviews. Recruiters weed out CVs with unforgivable typo errors.  

When submitting your CV for a Job opportunity ensure it is in the requested format (Microsoft Office Word or pdf), if the CV format type is not stated, submit it as a pdf file, this is to ensure the integrity of the document.

3. Thou Shall Scan your Academic Credentials and Upload them to your Email
When required to submit your CV and Academic Credentials for a Job opportunity online, how quickly can you respond with the required information? A rule of thumb is that you should scan and upload your Academic Credentials to your email address for safe keeping and easy reach.

4. Thou Shall Apply for Job openings of Interest
Sources of getting job openings include Newspaper, Job Portals – some of them include ,,,,, , etc you should be on the lookout for Job opportunities of interest and apply for them.

5. Thou Shall access your Mailbox regularly
If you have a Gmail account, we recommend you include it on your CV and choose it ahead of the other email providers. We have found Gmail to be more dependable than the other email service providers. As a job seeker, it is important for you to check your inbox and Spam folder regularly. Sometimes job invitations drop in the Spam mailbox. It is also important that you keep your email address ‘neat’ and decent. Avoid emails like, simply use your name eg

When you receive invitation for job test or interviews, ensure to read the instruction carefully. Don’t be like the job hunter who appeared for a Job Test at Lagos Cham City venue instead of Abuja. He chose Lagos as preferred test center during the Job application and assumed his test center will be Lagos. 

Don’t wait until the last minute to prepare the document you are required to present at the Job test/Interview venue. These documents may include Identity Card, Writing materials, Invitation Print out, CV, Photocopies of Credentials etc

6. Thou Shall Prepare a Cover Letter for every application
Sometimes, recruiters consider the application of Job seekers who submit a Cover Letter alongside their CV before the other CVs submitted without a Cover Letter. A Cover Letter gives you an opportunity to make a strong impression that you are fit for the Job.

7. Thou Shall Prepare for Job Interviews
It is important that you prepare adequately for all Job interviews. When invited for an interview, do your home work! Read the profile of the company Directors, Find out the Company history, services, vision, Core Values, Mission, Culture, Salary range etc Being properly dressed for an interview is equally important. 

8. Thou Shall find ways to improve on your Skills and Consider Volunteer opportunities
Your skillset is a key metrics with which a potential employer measures your value. Ensure that you consciously commit to improving your skills particularly those ones required for your dream Job. Also consider supporting causes that require you to volunteer. Your potential employer is likely looking out for Candidates who take initiatives and are responsible.

9. Thou Shall build your Confidence, Communication and Interpersonal Skills 
Many applicants experience some fright on their first interview. One way to boost your confidence quotient is to be prepared for the interview and to have a mindset that the company needs you to achieve their organization goal, they need you as much as you need them, therefore keep your calm and see the process as a negotiation process, you are there to show them that you are the right person for the job whilst looking out if they are also good enough to have you.

Interpersonal Skills means how you get along with others, how you communicate and interact with them. It is an important skill to have; it is particularly useful for networking. You can try meeting at least one new person every week. 

It is good to be pleasant to the people you meet on a daily basis. You cannot tell where and when they will be of help to you. Not minding the commandments documented in this article, you may just secure your dream job by a referral from an individual that you met in the cause of your daily routine. Put your best foot forward at every opportunity and be nice to everyone you meet!

10. Thou Shall be prepared to take your dream opportunity
As mentioned in the opening Commandment, do not leave anything to Chance. Prepare as if landing your dream Job depends entirely on you, pray as if it depends entirely on God and have a positive mindset. 

It is important that you get familiar with and practice Job Test questions. These test types include Verbal, Inductive, Numerical and Quantitative Reasoning. These resources are available for download at very affordable price on Q and A App. Don’t be like some unprepared job hunters who discover job test examination format on the queue for the exam. Be Prepared!

Before you land that dream job, do not be idle, where applicable, prepare and sit for relevant Certification Courses that will give you an edge over other candidates and present you as most qualified candidate for your dream Job

Sunday, March 10, 2019

Interpret Your Reality Positively

interpret your reality positively

A whole lot of people are still trapped living the life that they don't desire because they keep interpreting their realities the wrong way. If you are a person used to interpreting whatever happens to you from a negative perspective, it will be difficult for you to succeed.

We see more of what we pay attention to. This is a natural law whose effects are prevalent in today's world.

Take for example: Two people went for a job interview and the both of them fails. One of them interprets his failure to mean; "I'm not good enough. I am destined to fail. I am not intelligent enough to pass such an interview." Or even things like; "I knew there was no point going for the interview, they have already selected their candidates and  I was there for formality sake."

The second candidate on the other hand who also failed interpreted his situation this way; "Perhaps, this is not the right job for me and I had to fail it, so I get a chance for a bigger and more suitable job" or "I should have passed this interview, maybe I was meant to fail it, to better prepare myself for similar interviews to better opportunities tomorrow".

Who among the two candidates do you think is better positioned to take more positive actions that will lead to a greater opportunity tomorrow? Of course it's the second. A person who thinks like that won't see any situation as a bad situation. That person will grow irrespective of his or her experiences.

I don't want to dwell too much on this because hopefully I believe the example above gets the point across. What I just have to add is that there is no seemingly negative experience we face in life that something good cannot evolve from. But for us to see the good thing coming out of all the things we think are bad things, we have to learn how to see through those things.

If someone breaks up with you, it's not the end of the world. It could be that this person is not the right person to build your future with. Interpret it that way and move on. You can interpret it as: I need to work on myself for better relationships in future.. if you think the breakup was your fault. It's also a good way to look at it. But never should you interpret it to mean "Maybe I'm not good enough" "It's because I don't look good enough." "It's because I'm cursed .." etc These are dangerous perspectives that could rob you of your happiness and peace of mind. Why buy into them?

You may think that there are some things you cannot interpret positively. It's only a trick that your own mind plays on you, so you can accept negativity as the truth about yourself and your situation. And once you accept any negative thoughts as true, you begin to experience more and more of it. It becomes a vicious cycle.

There is good in the difficult times you may be facing now. Maybe you're facing it because you're destined for something greater in future which will need you to have the skills you're gaining from your painful situation. Maybe you need to learn patience and how to deal with people of different characters. Maybe you have to experience stuff, so you can get access to people and opportunities that could turn your life around. Interpret Your difficulties positively and you'll see your life transform.

When in doubt about how to interpret your situation, remember that what you see becomes the truth for your situation, so see the right things.
Bear this in mind and keep on winning!
Your Man,

Thursday, January 24, 2019

My Inspiring Chess Story

personal chess story experience

At some point during my final year in school, I was really low on cash. My final year project really took a big chunk of my budget and my account was red.
I didn't know what to do. No help was coming from home and some other substantial money I was expecting from a reliable source was delayed for some reason.
 I was just hoping for a miracle. I wouldn't classify myself as a student who was too religious. I am seldomly seen in church on other days apart from Sunday and the only exceptions were during some weekdays, when I was either going to the chapel to pray or for a meeting.
So, on one of those occasional days during my financial drought period, I was returning to my hostel and I ran into a fellow student. We greeted and he asked me if I wasn't aware of the chess competition that was currently on(because he knew I played chess). I told him I wasn't and he was surprised about that.
So he directed me to the venue and when I got there, I saw a number of people already playing. I made enquiries from one of the organizers and to my dismay, the registration was already closed. I wanted to leave immediately since there was obviously no point. But instinctively, I just decided to hang around and watch a few games then return.
As the games went on, I noticed a particular dude sitting alone at a board and he appeared to be impatiently waiting for someone. My guess was confirmed true when I heard one of the tournament hosts phoning someone and asking the person why he hasn't shown up. After the call, he went to meet to  his colleagues and told them that one of those who registered for the game said he was no longer interested.
They seemed worried about how to balance up things again. And just then the guy who I had made enquiries from told them that someone(me) had met him earlier wanting to register. So after brief consultations, they asked me to take a seat opposite the waiting guy. I still had to register with 500 naira; one of the last few bucks I was hanging on to.
This was my chance, I felt a strong urge to take it.. I had to take it. And the game began.
About 40 students registered and it was a series of different games. First round eliminated half of them, second round left 8 of us as a few withdrew. And a final knock out round left us down to 4 players through for the semifinals. We then had some extra time to prepare and come for the finals the next day.
During these games, I had noticed a particular guy who didn't lose a single game till he got to the finals. When I asked about him, I learnt he was a Post Graduate guy who was really good in chess.
I knew I was good too, but I was still prone to errors here and there during quick timed games. So, the way I had been qualifying was.. either I lost the first game and won the next two against my opponent or I won the first, lost the second and won the last. Rarely won two starting games in a row against an opponent. But I managed to keep qualifying.
That night before the finals.. I had revised my tactics/strategies, watched some videos and kept my eyes on the prize.. 10k would go a long way to sustain me while I wait for some support. So, I didn't want to lose.
The D day arrived ( Joseph Emeka Okoroafor was there to see it) and we played the semifinal games.. I qualified and went into the final.. and same did the Post Graduate guy. Somehow we hadn't met in the qualifying rounds till the finals. He had simply been the best so far.. getting there without losing a single game. Small me.. had been managing to qualify.
But the game had to be played nonetheless. Lots of students and chess enthusiasts gathered to watch the final game after the third place position was settled.
I was tense.. because I knew how good my opponent was. And honestly.. many people thought I didn't stand a chance. I could've thought so too given what I had seen, but I had to believe in my self. If I don't believe, who will? ­🤷
Thankfully, we were given 15 mins time controls instead of the regular 5 mins.. so I had some good time to think.
Just as the game was about to start after I exchanged handshakes with my opponent. He smiled and asked me which color I'll like to play. Like damn.. In chess when you're asked by an opponent to choose which side to play.. it usually meant that your opponent was confident to play any side against you.
So I gladly chose white because as at then, my white game was stronger. But he had added to my nervousness by asking me to choose which side I wanted.
So the game commenced.. it was one game to decide the winner. It was a tough game as expected. I opened with the Bishop's opening. My most aggressive line. ­😁 The guy played expertly. At a point, I felt I was losing because he had a good advantage. Then a strong idea came into my head.. I saw an opportunity to make a knight sacrifice to gain a very strong position of attack. It was a risky move, but my gut instinct was screaming out to me that I should play it.
If my opponent played anything asides from accepting that sac.. he was most likely to win because that move exposed my position. But I still played it after some considerations.
I pensively waited for his response. He giggled when I made that move.. like I had done something stupid.. And so he quickly captured the knight thinking it was free.
Then I smiled, because the path to victory became very clear after that. My next moves pinned down his queen, destabilized his defences and left his king helpless..
He was smart enough to resign rather than wait to get a clearer picture of what I had in mind and that was how I won that game. People around cheered in admiration at the sheer brilliancy of that knight sacrifice and I went home with 10k and a chessboard. The PG guy got 5k, while the second runner up got 2500.
At a time when I was wondering how to survive, God somehow provided 10k. And had I not listened to my gut, I for don hear am. I sold that board for 3k. And I was very okay until I finally got some financial help..
Morals of the story: Listen to your gut instinct, it's almost never wrong. Recognize your windows of opportunity. Never underestimate anybody.
Believe in yourself, even when things appear hopeless(anything can happen). Believe(faith) is what will inspire you to act in your best form.
Disclaimer: This post shouldn't inspire you to go into online betting o. A competition that you go into with some skills is a different ball game. Before your ticket cut. ­🤣

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