Feel Good, Work Good Project

Hi there, today I want to introduce to you my project on this blog which I will love you to be a part of.. I call it the Feel Good Work Good project because it is a project aimed at helping a large number of people using their natural abilities feel good about themselves and contribute in working towards a better ecosystem
 To be able to do great work, the first step is to be armed with the right attitude and mindset and this project aims to connect with highly successful people with different skills from diverse walks of life, who can freely share their inspiring stories and the guiding principles or frame of mind which helped them get to where they presently are.
This is a project targeted at helping people feel good about themselves and take advantage of opportunities that exist both on the internet and in the geographical area they find themselves. We are targeting to actively engage at least a 100,000 people in this project. We want more people to develop a positive mental attitude about life and be guided to do good work.
For the sake of this project, people are encouraged to share their personal stories.. We cannot underestimate the power of stories shared by other people to inspire us. People are also encouraged to share opportunities that they have benefited from to other people in their community or social media following, who may not be aware of such opportunities.
The purpose of this project is first to bring more people into the right consciousness, frame of mind or mindset to achieve remarkable success in their lives and secondly to show them the things they can do to be better positioned to succeed.  
One of the best ways you can feel excited about yourself is through the feeling of self-worth acquired from what you do. It is important to build your self esteem from doing good work and by good work, I mean work that adds value to you and as well as to other people. Many people are unaware of how they can take advantage of their skills and transform it to doing the work they love that can also change lives. This is the sole aim of this project!
If you want to join the movement, you can make your posts on social media using the hashtag #FeelGoodWorkGood , you can also send your inspiring stories or suggestions through the comment form below.
Join in the movement to reach over 100,000 people and make them feel good about themselves while doing good work!