Sunday, 3 July 2016

Message to the feminine folk

It's obvious now that only thing most ladies know how to do now is just to look good and post their pictures on social media.
Asides these two, they don't have any other skills or goals they want to achieve. This is
pitiable to say the least. If your only hope is to seduce a 'rich' man that will marry you and provide all your needs for you, you're on a very long thing!
Guys have grown smarter over the years. No one wants to marry a liability into his life. Every lady should engage herself with something meaningful than merely keep hope on marrying a wealthy man.
Laziness and lack of skills are the reasons why most of them are cheated and taken advantage of. In the bid to secure the 'golden' opportunity of marrying an already-made guy, most of them could go to any length and if finally the guy isn't serious, they lose at both ends.
Is that the life you want? A life of dependence?
Stop wasting hours and years watching season films and waiting for one Mr.Right that will marry your troubles. Go and engage yourself with something towards the future you dream of(except you have none).
We won't eat your beauty, it will fade. We marry those invisible qualities, skills and characteristics which never fade.

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