Friday, 8 July 2016


life is neither too short nor too long

You know why most people fail to succeed and few people ever make it to the top? It's simply because most people don't think deeply  before they act.

Over and over again, life tries to tell us that there is no such thing as a shortcut. You either
put in the desired work or you waste your time trying to cheat your way through.

No one is 'destined' to be poor, to lose, to never succeed or to live their dream lives. There's nothing like having 'bad luck'. Our problems linger because we've not cared to seriously think deeply before taking any action to solve them.

From childhood, we're taught to solve problems. And the basic approach to solve those problems has always been simple; understand the problem, think deeply and find the best approach to solve it, then solve it! If we don't get it, we think deeply again and find out "why we failed it" , then approach it from another method.

That has always been the way to finally solve problems. But as we grow older, we begin to think less and instead of thinking deeply and understanding our challenges, we're inclined to take short cuts and follow the easy way out.

There is no easy way out. What makes you stand out of the crowd, is your ability to think clearly before you take any action. Thinking deeply let's you see the best line of action to take which doesn't usually lie on the surface. Thinking is where the serious work lies, but most people don't know.

Lots of you have the belief that life's too short and this makes us to care less about very important things that will actually gain time for us.

Life is never too short to be patient, to listen, to think, to plan and to do the right thing. A proverb says, "Only those who have patience to do simple things perfectly ever acquire the skill to do difficult things easily.

Where are you rushing to? Often times, not thinking well before taking action, usually leads to failure which brings you back to the same initial position. Ironically, thinking deeply(which would take a little more time initially), would've saved you a whole lot of time wasted in recovering from a failure due to haste.

Often times we lack the patience to see through things. We forget to make use our number asset which is the intellect. We always pay for that mistake through the outcome.

Don't let that quote "Life's too short" make your life shorter for you by pushing to always take decisions without thinking about it's future consequences thoroughly.

Thinking deeply may take your time presently, but it's definitely worth the amount of time, energy, regret and stress it would save you in the future.

Till next time,

Remain bold and win,

Life's neither too short or too long.

Think Big, dream Big and always use your brain in everything you do.


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