Friday, 15 July 2016


no could be the right answer sometimes

Have you ever wondered why it appears you don't always have enough time to accomplish your tasks? Have you thought about why you're not as effective as you want to be? It's simply because you've not learnt to say "No" to
irrelevant things.

If we desire to achieve more things and maximize our efficiency, we must be ready to say "No" to unnecessary things that sap us of our precious time.

If you're seriously working on that business idea and your friends come around telling you to hang out with them, say No!

If you are studying to gain knowledge on a particular field that interests you and someone asks you to come watch football with him, say No!

If you are seriously thinking and making plans for your business and they ask you to go travelling with them, say No!

You must not please everyone. You cannot make everyone happy without displeasing yourself in the whole process. You must learn to turn down requests from people and negative ideas that come into our heads with a firm No!

When you say "No", there is no need to explain to anyone why. Explaining to them means you are emotional and if you are pressed hard enough you may give in.

This is not to say that we mustn't rest at all, rather we must know and take the decision as regards when exactly we should work or rest. We must not let ourselves be influenced from the outside in doing those things we do not really want to do.

Think about how you spend your 24hrs everyday. What do you achieve with it? How much have you utilized and how much have you wasted out of it?

Have you spent your time online surfing for just music, videos, games and entertainment OR are you researching for information on your chosen career or purpose?

Do you spend time chatting with people who do not add any value to your life or do you chat with like minded friends who channel your mind to a higher purpose and thought dimension?

Do you waste time gallivanting with friends who have no ambition or do you utilize your time to think, plan and take action regarding your future?

If you've not been managing your time well, then it's time you start saying "No" and don't give any explanation for it.

Remember that you mustn't do what everyone is doing, act like them or follow them all the time. You have a life of your own and your peculiarities. Say a firm No when you have to and never feel sorry about it.

Time is the most important thing on earth. Never waste it on useless arguments, complains and activities. Always say No to any action that wastes your time.

Always think before you act and say No to anything that distracts you from your goal. That's all that matters most.


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