Time, Focus and Dedication

The principles have always remained the same for winners, but very few people are willing to live by it and that's why there are few people who are really winning.
Few people are willing to put in the time, effort, obsession, dedication and focus needed to live the life of their dreams. Very few people care to think deeply, plan and utilize their God-given intelligence to solve their problems.

Day by day they are using their brains lesser and lesser and turning into mechanical and automated creatures.

What is the thing that separates the Bold winner from the loser? It is the ability to have that patience putting in required time and focus to achieve what they want.

And how do they do it? They "think"...they think deeply, make critical plans BEFORE they act.

They don't rush to act... Thinking is about 85% of the work...because winners understand that if they get the plans right with effective thought processes, the action becomes easy.

Bold Winners

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