The Attitude you must adopt

Winners share a particular kind of attitude which fires them up for success. The attitude entails the ability to reassure themselves of succeeding in what they plan to do even when the world tells them they can't.

This is the ability to use their own words to counter negative
words bent on discouraging them from their goal.

The story of David and Goliath buttresses this point. Before David was allowed to go and face Goliath after the Philistines were taunting the Israelites, Saul tried to stop him by saying, "No, How could you fight him? You're JUST a boy AND he(Goliath) has been a soldier all his life".

Reread those words and see how it was targeted at instilling fear and doubt in David's heart. David demonstrated his winning attitude through this reply, "I HAVE killed lions and bears, and I WILL do the SAME to this heathen Philistine".

These words convinced him and was strong enough to convince Saul to let him go. We know how it all ended.

A winner must assure himself/herself of success. It requires a strong conviction to assure yourself of this. You can't do without a strong attitude of mind.

 It is key to force open the doors made of concrete and hard metal. 
Think about it and don't allow the words of others stop you from pursuing your dreams.

Learn to reply them with reassuring and carefully selected words that will convince them. Till next time. Remain a winner!

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  1. Much needed article for the people and they really need to make changes to their behavior and moreover adapt to the attitude people need from them.


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