Waiter or Taker?

Are you a waiter or a taker?

Do you wait for things to happen to you miraculously or by chance?
Do you get out and work towards the dreams you believe in?
If you answered "Yes" to the first question, you're a waiter. If you answered "Yes" to the second question, you're a "Taker". And today, I want make it clear that bold winners are TAKERS.

You have to understand that things do not just happen by chance. There is always a cause to everything. A winner/taker always takes conscious actions towards his goals. He always looks out for his opportunities and immediately takes them without hesitation. Being a taker means not waiting for someone to give you money, give you a job, love you and give you things etc. Rather it means giving. Successful people understand to "take" anything, they have to "give" out something. It is a natural law that once you give something, you must take something along with you. Therefore takers are the best givers. They don't give and worry about the outcome because they understand that once they have given something, many things will be theirs.
Giving means going out there to work, to share whatever talents you have, to give out whatever little thing you possess to the world out there. Even if it is only some services you can give at the moment, give it out. It's sad that waiters keep complaining they don't have capital to start up something or that there are no jobs. There is always something you can do out there and make some capital even if you are penniless. Takers know this very well. therefore they do not complain to the whole world about their problems, they only plan well, take whatever opportunity they find out there and give something out to their society.
Takers never wait, they only pause to plan, then immediately get out and take action towards it. Takers fully understand the value of time and getting ahead. They know that in waiting one loses time that one will live to regret later if corrections are not made quickly. Successful men and women worldwide are takers. Men who make things happen in their society are takers.
Waiting means blaming outside factors for your failures. It pushes you down to the level of a cry baby who only cries when hungry for food. Waiting makes you lazy and to lose time while the takers are getting ahead. Waiting makes you give away that power of deciding who you want to be to external conditions.
With all these disadvantages prevalent in waiting, all bold winners MUST be takers! No matter who you are, no matter your situation, no matter how terrible you think your case may be, YOU CAN be a TAKER. You must make the conscious decision that you are not ready to quit or back out. That you must make good use of the little opportunities available and work towards being who you WANT to be. Nothing limits you but your mind only. Believe, be determined and always take action towards whatever you want to achieve. Winning, succeeding and taking are guaranteed!
Till next time, I remain your friend and fellow bold winner.... Nigel.

Welcome to the Blog for Winners

The Bold Winners Blog

This blog was created today to inspire, motivate and encourage individuals to be the best they can be and develop their hidden potentials. Often times, I find many people complaining of how bad their lives appear to be, how terrible their circumstances seem, how they are fated to fail in life, how they were born in a poor family, how terrible their relationships have been and many more.

This "bold winners" blog was created to build winners, to build people who will grow and learn to understand that their ultimate destinies are not determined by external situations but rather on the internal power they have to persistently break through any preconceived barrier that they think is preventing them from achieving their goals in life.

This is not a blog for cowards, losers or people who are not willing to take risks in their lives. It is not a blog for people who think they have arrived or that they are very satisfied with their achievements. This is a blog for the bold winner: the one who believes that no matter the circumstances surrounding him or the number of stumbling blocks hurled at him, he will still boldly,courageously and triumphantly come out a winner.

From time to time, various articles will be posted here to strengthen, encourage, inspire and push to action these bold winners and let them to be always conscious of their innate power to be whoever they really want to be.
Till our first article, I'm pleased to welcome you on the boldwinners page!


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